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Monitor Archive for March 7, 1980

Poem For a Golden Wedding
Dollar up sharply in European marts
Slipping gas tax puts 'potholes' in highway funds
Pretty petunias, all in a row, furnish a riot of color
Laver & Co. out to regain glory in US return tilt
R.S.-V.I.P. -- for both the Eds
Discovered, not invented
You can insolate a low-roof attic
Vegetables from down Mexico way
Yugoslavia religious revival?
Bird scores big as a Celtics team player
Guerrillas in Bogota free Vienna's ambassador
What can you say about test-driving a Rolls?
Deng moves fast to make his stamp on China indelible
Will party conventions 'unbind' delegates?
Using heat pump at best efficiency
Rhodesian leader asks security chief to stay
Fizzing up the Constitution
When tones and paints come together
Onassis spouse under KGB orders, paper says
Missing the Flannery O'Connor mood;
Where to find out about saving energy
Congress aims ire at agency for job safety
Painting's 'poor relation'
'Masterful' Schmidt placates US
Chicago's two-pronged school crisis
Moscow muscle in trouble
Retaining wall: how to waterproof
Space-heater twist
Junta member's departure may strengthen El Salvador
Woman novelist joins France's most prestigious
Urethane roof: problems probed
What America thinks
Ups and downs
Europe and Asia join hands in a new trade agreement
Olympics; Bradley's call for reform
S. African troops massing for attack, Angola charges
Soviets looking for way out on Afghanistan
To lift steel output, Chinese forge ahead with old plants
Judge rules that verdict in Pinto case is up to jury
Dig for the 'oyster' -- salsify -- in your garden
The day they threw the rubber stamp away
Lifting of air ban raises hope of better Greek-Turk relations
Don't touch that radio dial
Crackdown on sweatshops
Israel rejects UN call to end its settlements
Carter may pay politically for 'settlements' snafu
Iran: captors' reversal brings freedom nearer for hostages
High-heat paints for gas heater
Baseball; Yankee philanthropy
Baker is resting easy after bowing from race
Guarding the Gulf; US rights and Carter's cloudiness
Straphangers' revolt surfaces in New York