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Monitor Archive for March 6, 1980

Partners outgrew US last year
Floridians to pick presidential candidates in climate of conservatism
New Hanford facility a step toward nuclear fusion power
Afghans retreat across border
Admiral Byrds; Legacy in limbo
Is Moscow's secret oil tank going dry?
Marines backup for Indian Ocean
Wrap yourself
Marines gird -- but it takes time
Lamb with quinces a moroccan dish
US role in plight of Timor: an issue that won't go away
On not fighting the little wars
Oilmen get caravan going for windfall-tax protest
Massachusetts gust refills Kennedy sails
GM turns the diesel engine into a luxury-car standard
Making resources an economic global priority
The blossoming of ski champion Wenzel
'Personal' films vie
Tin and platinum catch on in the hard-assets play
Hot doghouse: latest thing in solar
Marcos: more 'show' than progress
Final coaches' basketball ratings

The fine art of borrowing
Cotton is king as China picks up foreign trade
The unthinkable
The GOP path ahead: testing 3 scenarios
Labor disputes in key US industries drag on into 1980
One expert's view: solar can perk sluggish US economy
Explorers: Viking and modern
On looking, searching and finding
Customs official indicted in smuggling investigation
Some New York restaurants will sell you even kitchen sink with lunch
Interest pushes up storage costs
Talks resume on ransom for hostages in Bogota
THE impudence of being Oscar
Construction in January surges
Art goes underground
The draft is a smokescreen
UN panel gets fresh word it can see Tehran captives
The Anderson difference
Pakistan rejects 'peanuts' in American military aid
The making -- and making, and making -- of a President
Where children had forgotten how to read
South Africa expands oil-from-coal production
Saving 1,000 homes from the mud
Aussie boycott boomerangs
Carter's 'zigzag' policy outrages UN
Iran tarries on letting American reporters return
The spoof of the Pudding
When Turkey needs its friends
Business as usual in Rhodesia as Mugabe charts course
Kennedy, Carter spar on economy
It's the season for baking winter fruit pies
Tiles: decorative and durable
A modern Bolshoi?
Keeping Kissinger's secrets
Economists hope for recession 'cure' to inflation
Jamaica, is 'she gonna sink away'?
Gun control: it's high in polls, but low on funds