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Monitor Archive for March 4, 1980

Mid-South states plow out from 30 inches of snow
A say for Palestinians urged by France, Kuwait
Don't call her 'girl'
Fine porcelain earns world renown
How to get to and around Luxembourg
Bogota hostage-taking tied to capture of guerrilla leader
US hockey Olympians glide quickly into pros
US vote on Israel settlements may encourage PLO
Soviet troops stumble in Afghanistan
Exciting trades give cellar-dweller Nets a needed lift
Reagan's 'solid' California base shows signs of eroding
Soviets still till plotting is wiped out, Afghan says
A fine art: "messing about"
'With it' broadcasting beams far -- and brings in healthy taxes
The Continent's small country with clout
Carter timing of urban grants called shrewd, but not unfair
Nation laced with walking trails
US quietly tries to rescue detente
Growing pains of African unity
Banks discover a climate that nurtures financial growth
Trudeau unfurls flag of Canadian economic nationalism
Luxembourgers politic on a first-name basis
Will old subs torpedo SALT?
Business-builder in New York
High court lets Kissinger keep phone transcripts
A new case for coal
Goodyear -- the second-largest employer
Fast-selling Toyota faces backlash in US
Steel industry modernizes while bending with crisis winds
Florida: first 'national' test for Reagan, Bush
Food prices resist inflation push
UN panel gets Iran OK to visit hostages
New legislative hall under way for European Parliament
Rhodesia: Mugabe said to win
US carmakers eat dust of Japanese competitors
Tax structure makes bonds a favored stock-market item
Can budget be balanced without hurting poor?
How they sway us!
"There is nothing flat in nature"
Trudeau policies could generate frictions with US
Schmidt gives Carter a sweet and sour apple
The power behind human rights
Ex-KGB agent tells of his spying
Thailand's new strong man is also nation's Mr. Clean
Middle East: next, and hardest, step
Vance: US Afghan curbs stay as long as Soviets
Five Icicles on a Cornice
Black voters, black agenda
Colorado loses EPA funding in Denver smog
Amsterdam police smash squatter's barricades
Reminescence of an American master