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Monitor Archive for March 31, 1980

Italy: Socialist glue sticks new Cabinet together
Ideas on the wing
Giants look to new season the only way they can -- up
Kremlin gloats that US can't budge it from Afghanistan
Shah's doctor says he's able to lead normal life
Look up, message on the way
Washington State volcano hurls chunks of pumice
There's money for mortgages, but what rates!
N.Y. options probe begins
Women's Jazz Festival: a swinging minority
Small home? Use waste space
The Olympics began in Greece
Boston reporter faces review for 'contempt'
Draft registration -- for what kind of service?
Don't be a victim of repair job fraud
N. Ireland stuck in political mire
Israeli dissidents hail antigovernment turnout
Hoosier town to celebrate the time lights came on
Identify your priorities when planning improvements
Suspicion in Sverdlovsk
Learning goes on amid Ulster's troubles
'Carter doctrine' off to a wobbly start in Mideast

What to watch for around the house as fix-up time arrives
Europe waits on Schmidt, Thatcher, Giscard to get their act together
Wisconsin's open primary system draws fire from some Democrats
Mideast talks: some gains, long way to go
A kitchen timer can solve kids' squabbles
Carter's Br'er Rabbit dread of Anderson
N.Y. transit talks near deadline
Natural rubber cost hikes tire prices
For sale: Pickfair -- and a couple of legends
Backstage efforts to solve hostage crisis stumble on Iran, US politics
Great shakeup may be ahead for electric rates in Northwest
Making an old house in the city live again
Write out all change orders!
Rosy glow off President Carter's '80 campaign
Harvard religious group opposes peacetime draft
Ten ways to gather the scattered family flock
Warring Chad factions OK a cease-fire, French say
Key programs will fall under ax unless Congress lifts cost ceilings
Kremlin gloats that US can't bridge it from Afghanistan
TMI and public trust
The gift of words
Rangers pin hopes to new stellar defenseman; Stanley Cup in the offing?
Carrying a gun in Malaysia means death penalty
Stocks and brokerages survive a silver scare
The Radio Set
Indictments expected in FBI push on the mob
Home-remodeling financing: consider the options
Don't pass it by
Silver's new tarnish could cool inflation
Biting the silver bullet
Milton's mysterious world of etchings
Have you chosen a summer camp?
Green Branch
Ticketron selling Amtrak
North Sea disaster stirs debate: Are other rigs safe?
Indian Ocean crisis stretch Navy uncomfortably thin
US wants to shed light on those living with solar