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Monitor Archive for March 26, 1980

It's not just how you play the game; The Politics of the Olympic Games, by Richard Espy. Berkeley: The University of California Press. $10.95.
Hidden unrest in US backyard; Cuba's revolutionary legacy
Diamond information
China frees scientific research from the restraints of party line
US says Cuba supplies El Salvador guerrillas
Keep the new energy-board within the law
Israeli Hebron action stirs sharp Palestinian reaction
Overflights irk Dow Chemical
Convicted official fights for job
Salvador slaying stirs talk of 'full civil war'
Rhodesia's uncertainties
British demands upset progress toward EC unity
New Met gallery
How Yugoslav villagers would defend their country
Ireland's two-edged challenge
France fears its Caribbean islands are tilting leftward toward Cuba
Recovering Spanish treasure; The Treasure of the Concepcion, by Peter Earle. New York: Viking Press. $12.95 .
Salvador strife
Italian virtuoso better in person than on records
April Sky Chart; Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
In the heart of a storm
Buying remote rental property
Ethics officer favors no curb on providing data
Great galloping dance of a movie; Foxes, Starring Jodie Foster, Cherie Currie, Randy Quaid. Directed by Adrian Lyne.
Federal budget balancing undercuts New York effort
Indira Gandhi fails to prop up weak economy
San Francisco's financial squeeze
'One-party election' ordered in Uganda
Assad tries to placate Syria's hard-hitting dissidents
If what you buy isn't right, here's how to handle it
Third civilian slain in Basque terrorist style
Sailing At Night
From Jo Jo White: insights into the NBA playoffs
Widow's multiple questions
With the hard-pressed Khmer Rouge
Shah's journey irks Tehran crowd
Louisville becomes basketball capital
Hidden unrest in US backyard; Caribbean key to US security
Boston reporter faces jail on contempt charge
Chad restive despite French efforts
Getting a job means working
Great galloping dance of a movie
US anxiety mounts as revolutionary mood sweeps through Caribbean
Leftist waves break over Caribbean
Mugabe and South Africa
Carter noticing Rose Garden thorns
To take action
Runcie becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
Greening of the Big Apple -- springtime in New York
The British are coming -- again!
Carter leans on Israel as summit nears
Rockettes meet the Vienna Choir Boys;
South Korea units sink Northern spy boat
Small savers in US scramble for interest $$$
Twilight of summer and of an era
Local projects fall victim to high bond rates
Mexico's runaway offshore oil well -- capped at last
World's No. 1 refugee crisis in Somalia?
Jumbos are menaces on Kenya farms
Sunny Jamaica losing its gloss
US share of advances in technology falls off
Don't leave democracy outside the factory door
Santa Fe shows US how to run a railroad
Can a city force its homeowners to insulate?
Planets and earthquakes: needless fear
Dorothy Height -- an optimist with no illusions
Datsun's fuel-efficient cars cut own path in US market
Jamaicans abandon their troubled island home in a mounting tide
Rockettes meet the Vienna Choir Boys;
Great galloping dance of a movie;

Castro: high on charisma low on economics