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Monitor Archive for March 20, 1980

Staying and Watching
Fighting scatters Cambodian refugee camp
Lugar calls for US to toughen stance on Iran
Payment scandal touches Trudeau's new cabinet
An open letter to Alvin Toffler
Crossover power
Variations on Oatmeal Cookies
Perspective on the hostages
US awaits 'germ warfare' details
Carter package riles public workers
'Making art is dangerous'
Inflation fight pinches some now, more later
Fratianne winds up her amateur career in figure skating
Unfrozen prices
Oil-worker pact bumps Carter's guidelines
'Bobbing' for oil on the high seas; time may be right for deep plunge
Illinoisan, on trial, loses bid for US Senate
Three Sunrises from Amtrak; Desert
'Firemen' fight transatlantic trade-war flames
Boston's forgotten island
Best Actress: a close race
Mugabe moves to undercut political rivals
Ski profits plunge downhill
Uproar over apartheid in largest white church
Puerto Rico's voters and a free-choice future
TENNIS; US loses Davis Cup match
Peer pressure in British House of Lords
The other kind of 'strike!' heard on baseball fields
Group helps owners rescue old houses
Carter's aid cuts could cost him votes in New York
Papua New Guinea: new leader, same policies
Nothing compares to a loaf of homemade bread
Three Sunrises from Amtrak; River
New York test: 'last best hope' for Ted Kennedy
FOOTBALL; Staubach and other all-time leaders
Polling complaints echo in Illinois
Homework is a joke
Carter reentering Palestine talks in bid to break autonomy impasse
Whatever happened to auntie's tea set?
Canadians work a quiet industrial rapport in the Caribbean
Three Sunrises from Amtrak
Plank by plank, parties begin building 1980 platforms
PLO's Arafat may be ready to make Lebanon concessions
Together, making order
Swallows return -- on schedule -- to Capistrano
Shipping with elegant energy
Treasure in a dull year
Tony Benn: socialist with an aristocratic past
Executive qualities for the year 2000
Steel pricing stabilizes
Off Brittany's craggy coast waters teem with seafood
New surge of heroin from abroad
Firestone to close down six plants, idling 7,000
Judge strikes down private hearing law
China cranks up generators
Carter vs. Reagan in the fall -- the signs look clearer
Letter to a friend in a hurry