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Monitor Archive for March 14, 1980

Scientist urges 'window' on Soviet technology.
No smoking
Pinto verdict lets US industry off hook
Chase boosts prime rate another half -- to 18 1/4%
Winning at home, losing abroad
How to lose one's cake without eating it
US economic shock waves buffet Canadian dollar
Catching the winter wind off Marblehead
Zionist backs Palestine state
Pakistan seizes ex-general in coup d'etat attempt
PTA gives TV good marks for cutting excess violence
Inflation's silent gnaw
N.Y. Jews boost Kennedy hopes
Crackdown on Czech 'study groups'
GI Jive': tapping to the '40s
India and Pakistan decline to be superpower battlefield
Foreign investors like US, but they own little
Footnote to Olympic hockey greatness
For my Friend Who is a Poet
Oil may be the magnet that keeps Quebec in Canada
Hostages talks in Colombia prove inconclusive
No land for Marines in Mideast
Angels regroup for another run for the summit
Just small potatoes, but they're very good eating
Will Ford tee off in presidential tourney?
Mugabe: how committed to Marxism?
Reroofing with wood shingles
Mao legend reportedly to be deemphasized
Boom in beets results from red dye No. 4 ban
Parents cry: 'Don't close our school'
Trade commission given a temporary reprieve
How to insulate a cellar wall
Delectable sweet basil is easy to cultivate
Mugabe's sound start -- and how others can help
Heat tape, spikes for metal roof?
House restudies military doctors' bonus after veto
FOOTBALL; The Raiders' maverick move
Austria legitimizes a PLO presence
Siding on a house: aluminum, vinyl?
Woman and poet
South Africa tests 10 seized Soviet tanks
Scottish ardor for home rule cools
What today's vote in Iran may mean for US hostages
After Mecca, Saudi rulers provide a channel for dissent
Why Groucho was 'The one, the only'
My gold uncle
Israel asks US for new military aid despite UN snafu
'Sky Car' to give travelers the option of flying instead of having to drive
Egypt has second thoughts on law curbing opposition
Iran no help to Afghans
Campaign overkill