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Monitor Archive for March 13, 1980

Afghan insurgents report attacks near Kabul
Brzezinski: no more snafus at UN
His low-budget films have a punch
Ever-popular frankfurter
France endorses role for PLO in peace talks
Gougere -- a cheese bread to warm hungry skiers
Prehistoric man; A story written in footprints
Zimbabwe: rebuilding hearts and homes
Montreal Expos: we're going to do it again
Iranian oil: the revolution's blue chip, extremists' target
Terrorists attack US Army vehicle
The art of fairly gentle sleuthing
Reagan picking up speed; critical two weeks ahead
Economical Zucchini pie is $40,000 winner
When life becomes a comic strip
Everyone is looking for a little used car
Outlook for Carter: not all fair skies
Small futures?
CAB gives airlines option to increase foreign fares
Phone records disputed in Kopechne inquest
UN resolution -- Jerusalem isn't the only problem
The next step after cast-offs and director's chairs
Soviet film shows 'grateful' Afghan people
Cubans offer help in Uganda rebuilding
Helping New York Subways to defeat crime, deficits
What's in a name? Plenty -- when it comes to politics
Haute couture does a good deed
Reagan's foreign policy
An embrace of peace and strength
One to grow up with
Written on the wind
'Seed orchard' grows 'fruit'
Left claims responsibility for latest Rome slaying
Upcoming primaries
Iranians play election-eve politics with US hostages
Legal barriers placed around sexual harassment
Privacy laws: a new 'villain' protects Old West's outlaws
China pens rules for ventures
Actors' awards: sleepers, front-runners
For two in Miami, Campaign 80 just sort of slipped away
Monetarists join the cry for a balanced budget
China and Vietnam vie for ASEAN support
There's life in those old carriers yet
UCLA Bruins climb from basketball 'ruins'
Postal Service suspends Olympic stamp sales
Britain regains its composure after Mugabe victory in Rhodesia
Israel Foreign Minister downplays 'special relation' to US
US rejects Shah's plea for surgery in US
German crime gang aiding IRA assassins
Refining an image: big oil and fine art
Israeli land grab
Green icing makes a St. Paddy's cake
To take it all in
Hostages: months -- or weeks?
The town that would not die
An impressive new choice at NYC Opera