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Monitor Archive for March 12, 1980

Moscow's Afghan dilemma -- a way out
Comedy about things grownups laugh at; The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover Starring Broderick Crawford, Jose Ferrer, Rip Torn, June Havoc. Written...
Request to investigate Miller turned down
The conservative tradition: alive, vital
Britain's bow-less barge
Boston set to be first in line with counter-Olympic offer
Iran's broken faith
Waldheim plan for Iran delayed -- not derailed
The peaceable kingdom
Where to check up on appeals for charitable donations; Selling house vs. investment
One of the Off Broadway's Season's funniest; Save Grand Central, Comedy by William Hamilton. Directed by Gene Saks.
Portugal moving from left to right too fast, too soon?
California invests in basics
Jury deliberates in Ford Pinto case
One of the Off Broadway's season's funniest; Dusa, Fish, Stas, & Vi
Cambodia is slowly picking up the shattered pieces
Clampett plays professional golf without pay
Comedy about things grownups laugh at; A Small Circle of Friends Starring Brad Davis and Karen Allen. Written by Ezra Sacks. Directed by Rob Cohen.
Israel to seize land near Jerusalem
After the automobile sales rebates: what next?
Defense Department is 'fat cat' in lean 1981 US budget
Economics may smooth path from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe
Rising price of strategic cobalt may revive mine in tiny Idaho town
Why Bedouins wear black in the hot desert
Political notes on an Irish holiday
Mugabe Cabinet list seeks unity
US rural poverty effort: 30 acres, some training, and an Israeli idea
Jewel smuggler's trail of suspense; Green River high, by Duncan Kyle. New York: St. Martin's. $10
One of the Off Broadway's season's funniest; Star Treatment
Tug of water over transit $$$
Byrd opposes bringing SALT II before Senate
Where Einstein left off; The Unity of Nature, by Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker. New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux. $20.00
Where to check up on appeals for charitable donations
Comedy about things grownups laugh at; Simon Starring Alan Arkin, Austin Pendleton, Madeline Kahn. Written and directed by Marshall Brickman.
Now, not next year, is the time to buy
Big-tim hockey is just hockey to Gretzky
Carter reaches accord on sizable budget cuts
A parent's second thoughts on Three Mile Island
Where to check up on appeals for charitable donations; Safety of investments
BBC brass drowns out Scottish airs
Gold slips, but the dollar firms up in marketplace
Emergencies hot line in chemical transport
Texas shootout with Reagan in May looms big for Bush
Race tracks use comics to lure kids to betting
'Middle' families use bulk of gas
'Big Show': variety grab-bag with a big-is-better premise
For better business with Latin America
Carter not ready to abandon diplomacy
Gulf of differences between Bogota, Tehran embassy seizures
India's poverty, overpopulation test Mrs. Gandhi
N.Y. primaries: must for Kennedy, muddle for GOP
All that glittered in 1849; Gold Dust, by Donald Dale Jackson. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $13.95
Trilateral who?
Bridge the gap and see beyond!
'Young Turks' taking over in China
Internships begin where the classroom ends
Tapping energy needs from volcanic Cascades
Bridge the gap and see beyond!
How Carter puts us in the red
One of the Off Broadway's season's funniest; Innocent Thoughts, Harmless Intentions Drama by John Heuer. Directed by B. Rodney Marriott.
South Africa avoids apartheid showdown