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Monitor Archive for March 11, 1980

Enter Jerry Ford? Polls say 'yes,' but
Why Arabs look down on the American eagle
Turning the tables
Crisis warning system balks
Farm-collective planning gives way to marketplace
Waterfront labor racketeering belayed for now
Wanted: more sparklers like Ann Meyers
'Sun room' heats a house
Bank of China given its own identity abroad
Rural Puerto Rico: getting lost in paradise

Mugabe forges coalition cabinet
Halting developers who dig into farms
Why Khomeini swung back to militants
Where energy saving pays off in tax savings
Gold slips to $585 as dollar firms up
Zia stands behind Pakistan nuclear plans
Fresh outlook in US-Turk-Greek -- and NATO -- relations
Tourist system was swamped, but it's getting in stride
Find the funds for Cambodia
Wasteland to chemical complex
No to credit controls
Trinidad's rhythmic golf
Europe struggles to speak with one political voice
'US-trade': a great prospect, but Americans must scurry
Chicago firemen return to jobs after truce
On land and water, symbols of longevity
Extended family faces change
Nationalists win control in Basque region election
Independent oilmen protest tax bill
HUD searches for ways to rescue periled public housing
Motors for wheels
Japan has long head start in plying trade with the Chinese
Trade potential is vast, but the pace is deliberate
In the White of Night
Treen succeeds Edwards as Louisiana governor
The new 'long march' -- to modernize: field report
children of orpheus; (for Neil)
When character had top billing
Americans find less gas is really enough
China and US scheduled exchange of trade shows
Sun-control film for your windows
Capital appropriationss
Money market funds welcome savings bank jab

What Carter can do to cool US inflation
Supply mounts and threat of gas shortage fades
In explanation
South Africa's 'Dr. No' may split ruling party
Hiking through the wilds in explorers' footsteps
A mill that prints silks spins profits with bonuses
WASHINGTON D.C.; A Second look
Caretakers of account books for mutual funds
Factory reorganization incorporates incentive pay
Accept freedom
Are Russians using poison gas in Asia?
Arafat applauds stand of French President