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Monitor Archive for March 10, 1980

History as the discovery of novelty; Against the Current: Essays in the history of Ideas, by Isaiah Berlin. Edited and with a bibliography by Henry...
A visit to Peking teachers' University . . . and a look at China's educational system
'GIZMO!' -- When inventors were loners
The pleasure of Kenneth Tynan's Company; Show People: Profiles in Entertainment, by Kenneth Tynan. New York: Simon and Schuster. $11.95.
Korean women flash basketball skills
Few idle offshore oil rigs
US may shelve aid for needy abroad
How Carter manages to stay aloft
Color Poems; Brown
Together, in time
'Sagebrush rebellion' adds recruit: Wyoming
Characters like planets in orbits around the sun; The Transit of Venus, by Shirley Hazzard. New York: Viking Press. $11.95.
Dean Acheson: casual and caring; Among Friends: Personal Letters of Dean Acheson, edited by David S. McLellan and David C. Acheson. New York: Dodd,...
The smell and taste of history in photos
Is 'plastic economy' ending?
Stock market lays low pending inflation action
Astro's opponents get ready to blink
Color Poems; Gold
V. S. Naipaul wanders the post-colonial world; The Return of Eva Peron with The Killings in Trinidad, by V. S. Naipaul. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $...
Saboteurs blow up pipelines in Iran
Carter, Congress hope to erect an anti-inflation fortress
Hostages wait as Iran locked in power play
Architecture: pyramids to Pompidou Center; Anatomy of Architecture, by George Mansell. New York: A & W Publishers, Inc. $ 19.95; The Architect's Eye...
Soviets, unlike US, prepare civil populace for nuclear war
Basque selection sets up a regional parliament
An old Indian tells all; Creek Mary's Blood, by Dee Brown. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. $12.95 .
Questing in the Himalaya; Stones of Silence: Journeys into the Himalaya, by George B. Schaller. New York: The Viking Press $15.
Look back at Israel's birth; Decision on Palestine: How the US Came to Recognize Israel, by Evan M. Wilson. Stanford, Calif: Hoover Institution Pres...
Rising floodwaters lap at California village
Senator, by Elizabeth Drew. New York: Simon & Schuster. $3.95.
More US churches oppose investment in South Africa
'Lighting' to rescue of a tribal tongue
Terrorists slay 19 people in two Philippine attacks
Neo-Western horse operetta; Murphy's Romance, by Max Schott. New York: Harper and Row. $8.95
Will Maggie Thatcher make a U-turn?
French tilt Israeli-Palestinian balance
It's up, on, and, away
Bible insights into energy
PRIMARY RACES: still several turns before stretch run; In Illinois, Kennedy hopes Jane can deliver
A world without SALT
The war against loose ends
Computers in the classroom
Men and mirages on the primary trail
Rhodesian results jolt South Africans
El Salvador junta on the offensive
Support fades, Connally quits
Buckley's dashing spy; Who's On First, by William F. Buckley. New York: Doubleday $9.95.
Seal hunt confrontations lessen
PRIMARY RACES; Still several turns beofre stretch run; Reagan not home free yet, say GOP analysts
Why wastemakers may look abroad for toxic dump sites
Novel for foreigners who want to understand the Afrikaner; A Dry White Season, by Andre Brink. New York: William Morrow & Co. $10.95.
Compassionate portrait of teen-age growth; The Staffordshire Terror, by Patricia Beatty. New York: Morrow. $7.95.; Marion's Angels, by K. M. Peyton,...
Anderson sights win in Illinois primary
Carter favored in Oklahoma caucuses
India: food enough and to spare
My Life, by George Sand, translated and adapted by Dan Hofstadter. New York: Harper & Row $3.95
Cheap Arab oil: how and why
'Carter doctrine' is dealt two sharp blows in Mideast
Tanzania presses Uganda to put its house in order
Kremlin hints it won't be bound by unratified SALT
Color Poems; Black