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Monitor Archive for February 5, 1980

Success saves Puerto Vallarta
Understanding space
Reforming inconsistent, outdated criminal code
Where Europe and third world meet
The nub of the matter
Storm clouds loom in S. Africa Parliament
Hawaii's dramatic surf-to-volcano golf courses
Why Iran's new President must steer careful course
A snubbed energy summit
FBI probers still compiling bribery "sting" evidence
Viet buildup keeps Thais on guard
Phase 2: liberation for everyone
Torture by Argentines charged
France, Tunisia targets of angry mob in Tripoli
Enjoy yourself!
Picket lines, closed doors at Chicago public schools
Conrail sees it may need half a billion in aid
Some say it's 76ers all the way this year
Benefaction's face
Lake Placid recalls '32 -- the charm's still here
The price of bad prisons
Zambia's surprising Soviet arms deal
FBI 'sting' jolts Congress out of ethics complacency
American held by Israel released with no word
American eased up on the gas last year
Dissident writer attacked in Soviet newspaper
Iranian jet buzzes Brzezinski
If Uncle Sam calls, will Jane join John in Draft?
KBG scowl deepens in Sakharov dispute
Arrows that find the target
Taking hot pictures in cold weather
India's fears over US stick despite Clark Clifford visit
Rhodesia cease-fire jolted by attack on jammed bus
Lebanon prepares new bid for control of restive south
Don't forget what SALT could do
American Motors pulls onto firmer ground
US policy on USSR called to question
Reporters let into hearing on stories about A-mishap
Updating the Brezhnev doctrine
Why prison riots? Daily intimidation, violence blamed
Wildlife refuges where the rare bald eagle greets visitors
A glimpse of Goolagong off court: modesty, wit, family fun
Politics and sports? Soviets linked them in '76
Japan may be 'dumping' cars in US, steelman says
Missing correspondents safe in northern town
Spain cracks down on new streak of terrorist action in Basque region