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Monitor Archive for February 4, 1980

Building Jewish/Arab harmony one-to-one
Dressier clothes make the grade in high schools
Aggression is out of date
AFL-CIO rallies to Sakharov cause
Should February be the month for good resolutions?
There's no mystique in cooking with mussels
Try cabbage soup for a main course
Jose Limon troupe - a big question mark
Pell-mell condominium conversions
Fill your freezer up to the brim
Afghanistan crisis yields critical policy
Winter fruits in season make delectable desserts
Soweto students set schools boycott
Secretary Miller and the SEC
Giving and getting
A simmering pot of chili for a quick and easy dinner
A little respect for the ho-hum
Book explores the subtleties of cheeses; The Cheese Buyer's Handbook, by Daniel O'Keefe. New York: McGraw-Hill, $12.50
Tropical St. Croix stung by wave of killings
Prophet of an end to growth: an update
British steel strike pits union and government
Variety meats adapt with ease to menus and budgets
The Kerala massacre
You live by echoes
Kennedy picks up momentum in Maine, but
Spaghetti -- the world's favorite low-cost food
Ziegler talks about violence; Garvey learns something
Cocoa cake correction
Small dams: big rural safety problem
Viennese recipes printed as a birthday surprise
Single parents: helping kids learn responsibility
US reaction time to Persian Gulf is limited by its air, sealift capacity
Easy handling needed for hot chili peppers
3 Western news people missing from Kabul
Market closes with a gain despite uncertain panorama
Arkansas shot echoes in Northeast
Virginia's hot young center lives up to his billing
New parties on the political scene
Afghanistan crisis yields critical policy shifts
Israel-Lebanon: It's a 'kids' war' on both sides
Kosygin pushed further into background
Ali sparring in Africa for Soviet games boycott
Schmidt hears out Giscard's evaluation of US Afghan policy
W. German drug abuse on the rise
Palestine talks make gains, but wide gap remains
A grim chapter in Afghanistan war
US criminal code: overdue reform -- or a danger to civil liberties?
Iranian eases hostage terms
Britain in Rhodesia dilemma
'Prepping' in British independent schools
World Olympic delegates meeting on boycott call
Julia Child finds new faces at the fish market
Bush: the GOP's first 'political darling'?
Rigo Jancsi, triumphant dessert for Hungarian dinner
Discovering the secrets of home-baked bread
Tried and true tested recipes in new cookbook
Kids love the computer ... teachers love the computer ... administrators love the ...
New Basque-are violence puts Spanish on alert
20 to 25 inmates killed in New Mexico prison riot
FBI graft probe reaches high on Capitol Hill
Hanoi: hands off Thais -- for now
Cutting energy costs in the kitchen
What's this: lchthyology in verse?
'CBS Reports' probe is really an electronic peep show