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Monitor Archive for February 29, 1980

Attic cure for icicles
Modern pirates' booty: oil not doubloons
High price of Moscow's satellites
Barnett Newman -- the drama of black and white
Anti-Americanism or communications gap?
My birdsleuths
Independent insurance agents buck 'direct writer' tide
Signals from Moscow
Synfuel pilot projects sprout, but technology risks high
Gas furnace praised
Insulation blower
Learning from a state's tragedy
Disappointment's three-year term
Rhodesians vote peaceably in rain for rival candidates
Information wanted on hydraulic pump
A last refuge?
What draws people back to small towns?
Soviet missiles seen at Kabul Airport
Brooks on work ethic
Picking presidential winners: these lowans have the knack
Why other nations have more top ski racers than the US
Why I'm returning my Soviet medal
Carrots 'n' peas a treat for man and garden
Kennedy Center artistic director
Joel, Warwick beat out disco stars
Hague talks deadlocked over Palestine dispute
Palo Alto: a farm-centered, friendly county
Another round of fuel increases on the way
Philippines investigates China Airlines crash
Public mood on train travel: maybe later
Panama students seize El Salvador Embassy
Attic cure for icicles
Bogota seige is Latin America's 11th since Jan. 1
House approves aid for Nicaragua -- with strings
Apartheid foe jailed for year
Icelandic geese at Southport, England
Equal rights through prayer
A court bow to wives
Brooks adds pages to Philadelphia story
Clear the baseboard
Mayor White of Boston names 'Olympics' panel
Curcio's Italian comedy commends credit
Loans to upgrade Yugoslav farms
Candidates offer voters economic options
Vietnam's claim to islands keeps neighbors wary
Troubled Cleveland unites in effort to turn itself around
There's color and grace in the carefree world of vines
Electric heat for mountain home
Hostage plan still alive, but slippery steps ahead
New press guidelines issued by Iran