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Monitor Archive for February 25, 1980

Explosion wrecks plant of Rhodesian newspaper
Rich-poor gap drives El Salvador toward civil war
Japan's role in war games draws protest at port
Shoes: the great cutaway
Awaiting the bite of 'Jarvis II'
Mom writes her lectures in letters
Silly Sally
High style hits men's casuals
The Golden Boys and the come-from-behind Olympics
Roni Raccoon wins 'gold medal' in fun
Sportwear turns to leisure
Vermont primary not drawing much candidate attention
Government employees on stike in Kabul
Britain holds back
It will take at least eight men to fill Tito's role
Granite State heavy burden for Kennedy
Divisive Democrats
CIA use of missionaries opposed by church unit
Olympic gold
Young artist builds his own mountain home
Carter said to have asked Brandt to aid detente
Upbeat ending for series
Dallas bursts into color
Lifting limitations from women
Coast Guard disaster still shrouded in questions
'Why Spiritual Healing?'
Oil power in west vs. political power in east: an uneven match
US allies dig out nests of Soviet spies
'Part-timing' helps save family farms
Reagan upsets Bush in N.H. newspaper poll
Handbags: quality is key
Will lack of saving precipitate US 'rainy day'?
Why the bear took that tiger by the tail
Heavy toll is indicated in Kabul street fighting
Looking ahead at the US presidency
Shakespeare said it best, and quotably
Vision Quest way: tough treatment for tough kids
Style baggier Style Notes
Snow Games
Utah University gives American Indians a chance to learn
New US concern: repercussions over nuclear-type flash
Cronkite casts off his anchor
The Fun of the Olden Days (As Told to ME by My Aunt)
Khomeini remarks hold out hope despite pessimism
All but unnoticed, Minnesota holds a vote Tuesday, too
Rhodesia spinoff: Zambia faces serious food shortages
Robot game sparks children's museum
The Perfect Cup
Mismatched parts are suit-able
Styles hit all the angles
Kaufman spoke and market went full steam for cover
Mexican policewomen remove protesters
Coupon flurry quickens pace
About our kids' page
The search for a new anti-inflation formula
GOP campaign suddenly hot
Haughey: Irish unity is No. 1 goal, but moderation is way to reach it