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Monitor Archive for February 21, 1980

Soviet bear hug on Yugoslavs: economic or military?
'Gradualism' -- puny inflation fighter
S. Africa on threshold of A-arsenal, report says
Britain's hope rides the skates of Robin Cousins
Thieves drive Mercedes into the ground
Norman Rockwell collection; He painted us all
Further thoughts on the Afghan affair
The center has become far out
Our response to flattery
British government gears up for trade union showdown
Relearning learning
Europeans move to declare Afghanistan a neutral state
Effort to settle Jews in Hebron causes West Bank furor
Cowboy art hits pay dirt
Vassily Kandinsky And The Plate of Eggs
Erich Heiden -- good as gold at Olympics
Two omissions in Carter's energy strategy
Integral horsepower motors on the rise
Iran panel ready for Tehran trip
Indian pudding with maple syrup
Financing struggles loom for commuter airlines
Private schools win OK on aid to meet state laws
One -- woman powerhouse
'Free World Games' face high hurdles
Barges and salt clog mighty Rhine
Beth joins Eric in Olympic circle
Californians doggedly dig out as mud flood continues
2 more Turkish provinces put under martial law
Panel asks that House not force Abscam data
What the world is doing with nuclear power
US aid to third world is now starting to slip
Alberta has new oil find, eclipsing one in '77
Jimmy Stewart; Hollywood didn't invent him
New variations revive old-fashioned pound cake
Honda setting its sights on even higher sales in US
Salvadoran leftists free 370 captives, still hold 150
Bon-voyage to the luxury liners
Big business is bullish about GOP's George Bush
AFL-CIO and Teamsters talk about reuniting
Brest . . . the future is bright Relearning learning
60% of 'windfall' revenues planned to go for tax cuts
Parisian coin dealers swamped by silver-traders
US economy took extra spurt at '79 year-end
Stopping the rush to invade embassies
National archives -- safe at home(s)
Micro dishes good for conventional cooking too
Mud, brine could finally cap Mexican oil blowout
Noguchi: a civilizer of space
Carter's hard job: rallying the West on Afghanistan
'We won't fight for Exxon'
Small presses: Watch out New York
More Abscam fallout: it's straining ties with Saudis