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Monitor Archive for February 13, 1980

Why Russians can ride out the grain embargo
Economics for the world; towards a New International Economic Order, by Mohammed Bedjaoui. New York and London: Holmes & Meier, under UNESCO auspice...
Factions seek control of family conference
Third world is 'the challenge' -- Brandt
Unabashedly old-fashioned 'Filumena'; 'Filumena.' Comedy by Eduardo de Filippo. English version by Wills Hall and Keith Waterhouse. Directed by Laur...
Arab image of US tarnished
Soames says he'd void tainted voting in Rhodesia
Neither cold nor heat stops this cyclist
Libya dips toe in Caribbean
Muddying the water resources bill
Birgit Nilsson returns as 'Elektra'
Nagging delays for both solar, nuclear energy
Hollywood film codes: How not to cop an R
Moscow gets the games, Olympic panel affirms
US to withhold comments of freeing the hostages
S. AFrica: major changes would be 'unrealistic'
Image of an image
Kennedy camp says CBS cost suport in Maine
Salvadoran junta widens powers
Inflation -- a consequence of just too many dollars
defending oil supplies: bases not enough
EC legislative chief sees severe straits for Europe
Business leaders organize support for ERA passage
Rising gold prices revive 'spell of the Yukon'
Lake Placid snag brings new event: hitchhiking
Nagging delays for both solar, nuclear energy
She's 16 and battling with the pros
Behind clashes in south Lebanon
Kennedy raps Carter failure to 'come out'
God's government and the draft
West Germany sentences three for Nazi crimes
'Human Factor' cast outclasses movie
Come out of there, Mr. Carter
Jonestown and after; White Night, by John Peer Nugent. New York: Rawson, Wade. $11.95.
Reagan flick brings 'equal time'
Ex-General Services man resigns at White House
Get out of Afghanistan, Gandhi tells the Soviets
US nominating process chaotic -- but successful?
Waldheim goes all out to solve hostage crisis
Avoiding joint ownership
flowing secrets
Exporting poisons
Agroforestry: a new life for farmland
Perhaps the greatest art
Gasohol is no energy panacea
No one wins in an Olympic boycott
Long look at the sixties; Fire in the Streets: America in the 1960s, by Milton Viorst. New York: Simon & Schuster. $14.95.
Poles told the 'boom' is over
Red Brigades assassinate prominent Italian judge
'Save' the Grand Canyon -- catch a burro
When the hostages come home
Iran's threat to export revolution stirs Arab rulers
Avoid fixed-return securities