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Monitor Archive for February 11, 1980

US pushes Palestine talks as May target date looms
Stuck on homework? Just dial the 'smart' ones
Two more hostages freed at embassy in El Salvador
The historian-editor: a rare species in great demand
What college students seek
All those ancient astronauts; Astronomy of the Ancients, edited by Kenneth Brecher and Michael Feirtag. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press. $12.50
Protecting the US national park system; National Parks: The American Experience, by Alfred Runte. Lincoln Neb.: University of Nebraska Press. $16.50.
US, Olympic Committee lock horns over Moscow
Public sees $1.50 gas
Dinesen: a triumph of words; :Daguerreotypes and other Essays, by Isak Dinesen. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. $12.95
What's ahead for Britain in the 1980s?; :Is Britain Dying? (perspectives on the Current Crisis). Edited by Isaac Kramnick. Ithaca, N.Y., and London:...
Familes see easy driving cut
'Women in Art' -- PBS to book to gallery
Mondale: America's 'Mr. Clean'; Mondale: Portrait of an American Politi cian, by Finlay Lewis. New York: Harper & Row. $12.95
Proxmire calls for inquiry on possible Miller perjury
500 at private steel plant to return to jobs in Britain
We hear grandmother being firm -- and loving; How Does It Feel To Be Old? By Norma Farber, illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. New York: E. P. Dutton...
Ex-immigration official linked with crime figure
Monet's Water Lilies
This week: the Winter Olympics
What's bad for bonds was good for stocks
Menuhin: 'We need music'; The Music of Man, by Yehudi Menuhin and Curtis W. Davis. Toronto, New York, London and Sydney: Methuen. $24.95
The depth, breadth, and playfulness of English; :The State of the Language. Berkeley, California: University of California Press. $14.95
Chronology of Iranian events leading to hostage capture
Poland pushes unity to camouflage failures
Spaceships and robots; :The Known and the Unknown: The Iconography of Science Fiction, by Gary K. Wolfe. Kent, Ohio: The Kent State University Press...
Friedmans: the case for free choice; Free to Choose: A Personal Statement, by Milton and Rose Friedman. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. $9.95
Ali's anti-Moscow mission fails to get extra backing
Reagan plan: score in South, wait for late Western surge
Carter favored 6 to 1 in poll of party leaders
Those proper ladies writing in the attic; The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination, by Sandra M....
Soviets on the move: Carter, rivals agree
Alternatives to spanking
Islam past, present, and future; Militant Islam, by G. H. Jansen. Boston: Harper & Row. $8.95.
Compromise in Chicago settles teacher dispute
US may snap out of Olympic doldrums
What's a university press?
China at work on 2 mines to produce gold harvest
'Probably the best book on teaching'; Teaching School, by Eric W. Johnson. Boston: NAIS, 4 Liberty Square. $8.95.
What can Japan teach us?; :Japan as Number one: Lessons for America, by Ezra F. Vogel. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. $12.50
On writing for the soul, not the market; Short Work of It: Selected Writing by Mark Harris. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. $12.95.
America's last frontier town; Little America: Town at the End of the World, by Paul A. Carter. New York: Columbia University Press. $15.95.
Intimate portrait of old China; Old Madam Yin, by Ida Pruitt. Stanford: Stanford University Press. $8.95.
This Is The Pavilion In Which I Have Been Hidden
French Reds in Russia's lap
Behind the Carter-Kennedy rift
Physicians chart A-war's horrors
More retirees expected, and fewer working Americans to support them
Chris's retirement keeps the rest of us employed
Superpowers agitate Asian waters
"The human adventure is just beginning"
Debating a draft
Bahamas step up fight to halt growing drug traffic
Allies' tiff doesn't alter basics
Palestine solution crucial for good Gulf relations, US told
Carter's Caribbean sea of confusion
Violence mars campaigning in Rhodesian poll
From forested coast to sunbaked desert; Coast of Many Faces, by Catherine Kerr, Photography by Ulli Steltzer. Seattle: University of Washington Pres...
Poetry of Play and Worship
100 days that reshaped nations
German epic confronts Hitler
Allies' tiff doesn't alter basics
E. E. Cummings: miner of fine poetic gems; Dreams in the Mirror: A Biography of E. E. Cummings, By Richard S. Kennedy. New York: Liveright. $19.95.
US may exploit Navy shale oil
Artists launch the fine art of catering
The Brandt report and world survival