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Monitor Archive for December 9, 1980

The many masks of modern art
Beaufort: the awakening of a sleepy southern town
Clare Boothe Luce: feminine feminist with a string of firsts
Helmut Schmidt won, so why is he unhappy?
Thatcher, Haughey meet as prison fast goes on
What Poles, Britons, and Americans have in common
In search of

Iran's militant clergy and moderates move to end bitter rivalry
The soaring prime: Does it presage a new recession?

A Cornell box is like a seashell you hold to your eye
On common ground
Atlanta's 1980 football success marked by late-game heroics
Tea and serenity
Court rulings mixed on lead safety
If the bear wants hugging
It's history vs. ecology in save-the-lighthouse squall
Minimum wage cut for youth seen as early Reagan-labor confrontation
NATO naval forces primed in case Poland is invaded
House GOP goes for tradition.

Fire safety officials zero in on code violators in wake of major hotel fires
Portugal's shattered right-wing Alliance bows out to President Eanes
Sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Toronto's underground city
Faith that outfaces predicaments
Time thefts on the job may add up to $100 million a year
Dayan hits Israeli expulsion of Arab mayors as West Bank disorders flare
The way to break the bottleneck in US productivity
Just when it appeared in the clear, Poland is jolted by Moscow warning
Zimbabwe verdict could boost white exodus
Afghan protesters held in India as Brezhnev visits
Salvadoran junta becomes frayed
Saudis, Emirates want price freeze on oil
US immigration dilemma: Is there too much 'compassion?'
Handling cows or computers, 4-H winners are the cream of the crop
Labor panel foresees higher union pay in '81
Latest EPA rules ride herd on toxic wastes until they're safely corraled at disposal sites
Bell & Howell coming up with ways to ease inflation through automation
Public employees may lose power as antitax mood grows