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Monitor Archive for December 3, 1980

Interest rates soar, tensions rise between Reagan and Fed chief
Poland: the dilemma of throwing good money after bad
Exhibits displays 2000 years of art for the table
Milwaukee Bucks have the talent, all right -- and a sure-fire coach
Reagan's Oval Office strategy: focus on priorities; delegate details
The endless Christmas
Amnesty International blasts Spain on human-rights violations
Latest Abscam trial is ready for the jury
Three sisters Play by Anton Chekhov. Produced and performed by Squat Theater.
Behind Syria's troop buildup: Assad's increasing isolation
Cashing long-held E-bonds
Carter signs bill to keep Alaska 'crown jewels'
Wrapping up Japan's end-of-year gifts in style
Securities protection
The humanists' odd encyclical
Soviet dissent seen form outside and from inside the USSR; On Soviet Dissent: Interviews with Piero Ostellino, by Roy Medvedev. New York: Columbia U...
Afghan leader tries to shore up regime after man-to-man talk in Moscow
A few problems to consider with joint ownership
Soviet dissent seen from outside and from inside the USSR; Soviet Dissidents: Their Struggle for Human Rights, by Joshua Rubenstein. Boston: Beacon...
Jobs -- Britain's oil-wealth goal
US role in Detroit's future
Syn fuels: are goals hasty and impractical?
US space shuttle in test for March 14 launch date
Nuclear Navy is losing officers
New group tries to light fire under lagging interest in exploring space
Let's hear it for planetary exploration
Aid promised for quake-hit Italy
Constructive thoughts
Polish leader warns radicals, soothes jittery East-bloc allies
The history of nuclear power -- on the stage?; Dead End Kids: A History of Nuclear Power A production of Mabou Mines.Conceived and directed by Joann...
The Logical Certainty Of Christian Healing
An ex-spook's case for strengthening the CIA; Facing Reality, by Cord Meyer. New York: Harper & Row. $15.95.
Soviet 5-year plan a modest one
Checking crime
Chicago bank's investment in South Side neighborhood stems creep on urban blight
Idaho land lawyer prepares to map US land, energy policy in Senate
An imparcel account
Sparks fly on both sides of Atlantic over Schmidt-Reagan meeting
A plan for free news flow offered at security parley
Kremlin turns up pressure on Poland
Burger court: 'liberal' women's rights record
Moscow's money troubles
Syria, Jordan, and the Arab tangle
Iraqi-Turk oil pipeline humming at full capacity
Arts mean money in bank to US tourisim industry
A clown in the Elysee Palace?
Canadians to sell China 1.4 million tons of wheat
US mayors take 'wait and see' attitude on Reagan's urban policies
US Olympic medalist now goes for skiing's World Cup
Presidential power to limit car imports passes House
Britain's two major political parties shaken by bitter internal struggles
Fiat researches a stepless transmission as a gas saver
The Judy Chicago exhibition: craftsmanship but not art
Chase, other banks up prime rate again
GOP moderates picked for top 2 Senate posts
AFRICA - The Fragile Giant?
UN panel calls for inquiry into use of chemicals arms
Muskie, Mrs. Thatcher to meet in London
Waukegan Harbor PCBs: job for 'superfund'
Paths of motion: a portrait of its essence