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Monitor Archive for December 26, 1980

Automakers' plea to Reagan leeadership: less regulation
Mexico is expected to squelch any Reagan hopes of more oil
New agriculture secretary: farm 'pro' -- political novice
Phoenix bridges and a dry riverbed: storm dilemma

Test your old seed before buying new
Where it's easy to be a liberal on race

The butterfly of Atlanta
Japan goes for Western food -- and feeds deficit

You have to wait a bit for that fine leek flavor
Happy renewal year
Saudis, Gulf states, Pakistan try to forge their own security ties
Religious conservatives coalesce to battle 'sexploitation' on TV

The Reagan way against sex discrimination

'ABC News Closeup's' documentary blitz
Mazda puts a crisp GLC on the road, but with a traditional engine
Zambia gets Soviet MIGs for defense but economy lags
Europe reexamines social welfare costs as economies slow down

Is there a backlash against legal rights for the handicapped?
Restoring the luster to Asia's forgotten monuments
Qaddafi influence seeps into W. Africa?
Carter still pushing for hostage release before term ends
Reagan's 'North American accord' has support, but faces obstacles

How many bomb mishaps?
Some unexpected Christmas 'gifts' for New Yorkers
Uganda seeks return of lost stability as Obote takes presidential reins
Whistling memories
Only limited value in orange and olive wood
The winds of change in Eastern Europe

Even in Sweden, some women are still more equal than others
Citizen suits against polluters increase -- but can guilty pay?
1980: it was a bad year for Moscow
Why France is second home to Poles

Showman of the cagers
Private high-tech schools popular -- and profitable
Guatemala's Indians sink deeper into poverty
Getting rid of mildew takes a little doing
'Gang of four' trial: both law and theater
Preserving a shake roof needs expertise
Poles' problem compounded by their heavy outside bebt

Protecting a cabin against snow melt
Christmas tree is still good for a merry accent
Retirees waiting for Reagan elederly policy to take shape
Cutting police violence: 'a job that is doable'

Fragments of winter