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Monitor Archive for December 2, 1980

US, Europeans face throny issue of flow of private data across borders
Heisman Trophy caps rags-to-riches story of University of South Carolina running back
For the Three Ways; for the wedding in the grove

US economic bellwether posts slower monthly gain
The Slab Boys Comedy by John Byrne. Directed by Peter Maloney.
Ronald Reagan: he will chair the 'board'
Pressure builds in Britain for a written constitution
US accused of Indian abuse
Last days of lame duck Congress full of accommodation, compromise
Saudi oil official sees no grounds for price rise
Which party really wants to 'get government off our backs'?

Iran feels pinch of US embargo, Gulf war
Garn would yank reins on federal housing subsidies
Help wanted ads picking up
A fresh try at inflation
Learning to use chopsticks
Lanai -- Hawaii for the adventurous

Koch sees Reagan as net gain for New York City
'Past the looking glass'
Cities line up in the run for 1988 Olympic sites
US considers selling ammo, parts to Jordan
Polish union calls for calm amid signs of another shakeup
Burgeoning businesses: women working from home
Campaign to save Kim Dae Jung puts Tokyo government on the spot
Should American women be drafted? US Supreme Court to decide thorny issue

National church council cautiously sets out to produce 'nonsexist' Bible
Conservative Arabs battle summit rift
$30,000 worth of 'pilferware' makes its way back to the Waldorf
The many masks of modern art
Bankers' image as civic leaders being tested by charges of 'redlining'
The communist reformation
E. Germany OKs choice of Bonn's 'ambassador'
Australian High Court halts sensitive book
Emotional concentration camp trial nears end in West Germany
Haiti arrests linked to power struggle between Duvalier and mother
Study says US allies lagging on refugees
Japan eases foreign-exchange rules
Window shades can help save heat
Israel's Labor Party ponders West Bank options
Uruguayan vote: a slap in face to military rulers

That higher social security pinch
Five years after Franco, political potholes slow Spain's drive to democracy
Auto union ready to 'circle the wagons' and rejoin AFL-CIO
Fresh approaches to the school dropout problem
The art of genuine travel;stamina, courtesy, daring
When should students look for summer jobs? Now!
You can defend yourself against hatred
New construction marks time
A printout to put you in top form
US carmakers look to new Congress for protection from Japanese rivals
Those lively Loesser songs!; Perfectly Frank Musical with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and music by numerous other composers. Directed by Fritz...