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Monitor Archive for December 15, 1980

Rightist violence toward academics flares in S. Africa
Nobody seems to want job of Reagan press secretary
Opposing alliances trade threats of retaliation
Into the hills
From an island notebook
Israeli finance minister pushes austerity budget
Hold the line on public pay
More lessons from Japan
Choosing electronic games to challenge kids
Kim Dae Jung: linchpin in US-Korean relations
Court rulings, Reagan election infuse anti-abortionists with new drive
Nuclear agency boosts the cost of ignoring industry-wide safeguards
Life goes on in Iran's besieged and battered oil part
House OKs $258 million for hemisphere refugees
Police leaves canceled over N. Ireland turmoil
Uganda: back to Milton Obote
Original prints exhibition: a vast and varied overview
Today, the bamboo curtain parts -- both ways
N.Y., L.A. sideline new buses to inspect cracks
Stories only your parents can tell
'Cap the Knife' faces new kind of challenge at Pentagon
Gasohol in federal cars awaiting Carter's order?
How to make the presidency work
Electoral College sits today to name Reagan
Labor, political pros lay plans to recapture Democratic Party
The fastest gun in hockey is studying finesse
Museum tours with a spirit of adventure
A da Vinci treasure to US
Christmas -- and the rest of the year
Celebrity carbon copies cashing in on their looks
Reagan financial trio rates well with market-watchers
Polish factions draw together and defuse political crisis
Classical, rock, and jazz join hands in a new, energetic brand of music
Peking's Ru-lian is an English major at Wellesley College
Never alone
The bias that Carter encountered
Obote regains Uganda presidency but disputes, challenges remain
Peking trial near its windup
US widens role in Salvador drama
New hope for El Salvador
For congressional Democrats -- an off-key swan song
If Haig is named: what next?
British plan war on alcoholism as drinking and abuses soar