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Monitor Archive for December 12, 1980

East-West trade: lubricant or leverage?
Lead birdbath needs repair
Fluorescent lights that often balk

Soviet willing to pay any price on Poland?
Labor pacts may hurt Reagan war on inflation
Here's a different plant idea for Christmas -- Kalanchoe
'The Chinese in America' is an eloquent tale told in photos
US, USSR scramble for new reserves of petroleum
Reagan and the new Africa
Chinese air uncertainty over future of the party
Brezhnev yield in India: lots of hugs, no Afghan support
Freeing of Korean poet stirs worries about Kim Dae Jung

Premier says Japan balks at upping arms ante 9.7%

Fine Art in the pine woods
Winyl siding, pro and con
Polish union champions prisoners
How some big brokerages cash in on customers' cash
What's Happening to Hollywood? Profit is trying to push art out of the theater. The movie business has become so brisk that even a box-office bomb c...
How Mercedes steers clear of Europe's auto problems
Changing of the guard at the CIA
Buyer outlook up a bit
Syrian troops pull back from border crisis with Jordan
Lennon tragedy stokes fires in handgun debate
What does m27590 know that you should know?
When Detroit retools, Fond du Lac smiles

Swimmer Sippy Buoyant despite Olympic letdown
Reagan the cabinetmaker
Hostages may be freed on Christmas, paper says
Rewriting the Constitution
Fellow voyagers
NATO ministers agree on firm response to any Soviet moves into Poland

Fire fern: crimson-'n-yellow beauty
Brick and mortar won't insulate well
Salvador -- shift from junta to presidency?
Why 1980 has fund managers dizzy
L.A. 'racing' north to San Francisco
Reagan's 'supercabinet': measuring its muscle

A Hobbit's Baedeker
A British Rail supertrain that won't spill the soup
'Laughing all the way.' Says who?
How Reagan's team plans to rein in runaway inflation
Break-in charges dropped against former FBI head
Three Mile Island studying new leak
Military holding back Uganda elections results
The network documentary: Why is it an exclusive club?
Carmen de Lavallade; keeping the muses busy
Natural gas touted as hidden US asset
A call to arms on US energy independence
Christmas: tinsel or Christ?