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Monitor Archive for December 10, 1980

'Flower bonds' a way to ease estate taxes -- if they don't wilt
How to obtain facts on cities' solar laws
Low-income credit unions show members how to tighten purse strings
Zimbabwe's test case
The wrong agenda
New era signaled for Anglo-Irish relations
Rough economic ride seen ahead for Reagan
Against winter
Economics may push GM to build J-size Caddy
Grateful gracefully
Outward calm masks Poles' growing feeling of anxiety
China: The conflicts in the Reagan camp
Mideast militant: Abdul of the Muslim Brotherhood
Huge windmills will spin 'juice' into 1,500 homes
Dense and potent new drama from the Negro Ensemble Company Trixie True, Teen Detective
'Tis the season for college basketball
Now that they've got the laws, where will they put the hazardous waste?
Beware of 'work-at-home' offers
British snap up snacks
55 m.p.h.
New ski boot bears checking out
Making a connection with nature
John Lennon, the Beatle
Bucs fit to walk the plank
A refuge for children
Tales for Hanukkah from a Nobel laureate; The Power of Light, Eight Stories for Hanukkah, by Isaac Bashevis Singer. New York: Farrar, Straus & Girou...
Brezhnev calls -- but is Gandhi listening?
The Kremlin's propaganda war
Pasmore, a painter Whistler would have loved; Victor Pasmore: A Catalog Raisonne of the Paintings, Constructions, and Graphics -- 1926-1979, introdu...
Israel gains -- and loses -- by latest splits in Arab world
Court says US may seek review of 'light' sentences
Indonesia's lightning riot patrol
Israeli bank subsidiary raises 'prime' to 19 3/4%
Egyptians disappointed with Reagan team's outlook on Mideast talks
West scores points against East at Madrid security conference
Ready to do your banking at home a via TV?
Rewarding Tennyson biographies also illuminate the Victorian era; Tennyson: The Unquiet Heart, by Robert Bernard Martin. New York: Oxford University...
Acid rain: victims complain, polluters stall
Right-wing terrorism drives Salvadoreans from homes
Dense and potent new drama from the Negro Ensemble Company; Zooman and the Sign
Joint ownership and estate taxes
Christmas storybook; How The Hibernators Came to Bethlehem, by Norma Farber, illustrated by Barbara Cooney. New York: Walker & Co. $6.95
Khomeini orders inquiry on jail torture reports
Art that hovers on the brink of the 20th century
El Salvador whistling in dark?
What farmers expect from Reagan: more profitability, less regulation
Britain's Labour Party casts a shadow cabinet
Will Reagan unleash offshore oil rush?
Soviet space landing: Is Salyut 6 too old?
A threat to US research freedom?
Senate kills bill to curb discrimination in housing
Jobs for most '81 college grads
Oscar picks Elgin
Dense and potent new drama from the Negro Ensemble Company; Coming Attractions
UN treats women of member nations to tour of Big Apple
Rethinking immigration
Planting a solar home in a forest without losing the trees