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Monitor Archive for November 5, 1980

Peter Lougheed: the 'blue-eyed sheikh of Alberta'
Mt. St. Helens' stratospheric 'experiment'
Workers and managers on the road to quality
Maintaining support for parent
Iranians throng into US Embassy on hostage anniversary
City of many worlds
Iran journalist on trial on charges of US spying
Federal aid, house seat reapportionment at stake in 1980 census battle
A 'sultan of swat' hangs up his spikes and bat in Tokyo
Iraq claims grip on key oil points

The new oracle
Refugee shift ires Puerto Ricans
Do we need 10 million new cars a year?
Polish union lays plans to strike if court fails it
Foreign-owned oil companies bridle at Ottawa's plans
Caribbean country also goes to the polls
Tiny Macao, free of Peking shadow, is suddenly bustling
And so I was walking along
Likely census result: 10 states gain, 8 lose
How a country newspaper won a Pulitzer; The Light on Synanon, by David Mitchell, Cathy Mitchell, and Richard Offshe. New York: Seaview Books. $11.95.
Economic woes in Italy: trade sags, inflation rises
Presented in a new light
Soares watches squabbling in Portugal's Socialist Party from sidelines
Seaga's challenge: disarm Jamaica's bully boys
TOMORROW'S TV; A trip to the heartland of future TV -- today
Finding tax bracket
Iowa explores ways to capitalize on coal fields underneath cornfields
Begin to meet Carter on Mideast situation
Zimbabwe minister denied immunity in murder trial
Magic Johnson's sophomore year with the Lakers: even better
Harrah's, where the Automobile Age is locked in a time capsule
The scientists of Voyager 1 - 'a feeling of exhilaration'
Reservoirs are registering record lows in the normally rain-soaked East
Two drawings that tell stories about a great age of art
Iraq-Iran war: neither seems able to win, but have both lost enough to negotiate?
'Spikes' in Saturn's rings baffle scientists on Earth
Gifts to child for college fund cut tax on some income
How US Navy tries to stem air crash rate
A new Rolls-Royce -- the latest last word in luxury
After election
Election results in tomorrow's Monitor
Not rewarding terrorism
Korean martial law chief rules against dissident
Every sentence is a small victory
'Scared Straight!': How the media can exploit a social program
Supergraphics: '60s design concept still going strong
Two crises smolder in the background
Holiday foods, not US election, concern average Soviet citizen By David K. willis, Staff correspondent of The Christian Science monitor
Arrested teens stand trial before jury of peers
NATO's latest foe: lack of cash