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Monitor Archive for November 13, 1980

Why Moscow gave in on eve of Madrid parley on European security
Hall of Asian People; Orienting the Americans
Killing of Puerto Rican independence activists -- official cover-up?
Oakland quarterback Plunkett making a smashing comeback
$3 billion order for Boeing sets a record for jetliners
Navajo corporation to control energy resources
Panama gains ground for Security council
Soviet Jews exploit Madrid talks to dramatize their plight on emigration
US bomb incidents slipped in '79
Head of White House Conference on Children settles in D.C.
First lady of the theater, Helen Hayes
Liberals seek unified leadership for '82 run against a strengthened 'right'
Mini Metro may turn the corner for Britain's BL
Senate Democrats decide not to file tax-cut bill
One small country turned right
There are Scandanavian filmmakers not named Bergman
Opening statements due in Garwood turncoat trial
Baked mushrooms accompany a steak
Nothing tastes as sweet as cider fresh from the press
Water in your boots, smoke in your hair, and danger, danger
Iraq ponders how to end war with Iran
It's snowing catalogs this season
Bedouins: folded tents in a shrinking desert
US paratroopers in Egypt for joint strike maneuvers
Technician's slip disrupts an air traffic control hub
Chinese, Viets exchange artilelry fire on border
What they're 'reading'
An isle where all have wings
A huge new oil field in the Beaufort Sea? Still no verdict for a year or so
National Hockey League: Kings join the contenders
To avoid problems in choosing the Reagan team
Undefeated, on the run
Right-wing guerrillas push Guatemala toward civil war
Voyager's message to Earth: 'There's more up here than meets the eye'
Politics and culture: the right stuff
Better than storebought, and easy too
Rich and poor nations at UN to put North-South dialogue back on track
How some Americans drive, do dishes -- and 'read' at the same time
'Nightline' -- a thinking man's alternative to late network viewing
US Army may use British system to boost morale
Prudence in Poland
Hurricane Jeanne brings rain, high seas, then ebbs
Libya widens export of arms, force
Ray Bradbury: the science of science fiction
The US car industry: a victory for free trade
Feisty Saddam sure Iraq will win Gulf war
Chemical-warfare decision may be awaiting Reagan
My down-to-earth friends
China looks for stronger US presidency
Church council's new policy increases support for Palestinians and PLO
Interest rate hikes, auto slump point up task facing Reagan
Partners 'blow up' products to preposterous sizes
Before The Dawn
American team receives medals at food olympics
George C. Scott
Nuclear reactors: How safe is safe?
Alexander the Great's new conquest: America
Rural plea: 'Don't close the post office!'
Supreme Court is taking new look at TV in trials