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Monitor Archive for October 8, 1980

Premier who quit asked to form Belgian Cabinet
Embattled Ethiopia faces insurgents on two fronts; Eritrea rebels active despite Soviet help for Mengistu
Computers: window onto past climate
Bright Air
Many Canadian banks stepping up their footing in US
Practical steps to transform a dream into a career
Savings against inflation
Why people give to political coffers
Our seal of approval
An encyclopedic overview of the Mideast tangle, impressive yet biased; Arabia and the Gulf; by J. B. Kelly. New York: Basic Books. $25.
Everyone's charge
Going to the referee on Japanese cars vs. Detroit
Poland's cautious course
Insulation methods for big windows
Knits to keep you in stitches
Going to bat for the bustards
Portugal: another triumph for democracy
Embattled Ethiopia faces insurgents on two fronts In Ogaden area, Somalis are a worry; so is US role in Horn

Sauteed 'Jaws' on menus
Washington publicly calm, privately concerned over Jordan's aid to Iraq
US small towns: beware of states bearing 'gifts'
A bird in hand
OPEC may delay meeting because of Mideast war
Sadat aide to go to US with word on autonomy
'The Children of An Lac' -- a touching story of Vietnam
Iran-Iraq war may jolt Arab power equation
Broad grouping of French protest synagogue bomb
How many miles with graphite oil?
The old-time ceiling fan cools -- and heats
Rating Arco's new television saga: unbiased news or just commercial?
Church and state -- where the candidates stand
A 'bottom line' look at fund income
Anderson How different?; A close look at man and record
A kind of heroism
British Tories, in conclave solemn over their ratings
A shrill old-Left assault on the rising new Right; Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America, by Bertram Gross. New York: M. Evans & Co. $1...

The visiting Philharmonia: a great orchestra comes into its own -- again
The third 'industrial revolution': robot factories and electronic offices
Half billion spent on election despite rhetoric of frugality
Afghan functions reported riddled with anti-Soviets

Nigerian President meets Carter; oil pitch expected
China's church services: standing room only
Jenrette Abscam case given to the jury
Ilya Prigogine -- towards a unity of science and culture
Across the Atlantic on wing and a prayer
NL playoffs have tough act to follow
British parties look into the future -- and it's not bright
Acquittal denied in trial of former FBI officials
Pick wood stove for the climate

Voter-sponsored questions abound on state ballots
'Democrats for Reagan' in NY; new move to offset Carter lead there