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Monitor Archive for October 6, 1980

Reagan 'rhythm' -- has he found a winning beat?
Polish leaders seek way out of crisis as public criticism bubbles
Scots, Welsh, English may be ganging up to replace House of Lords
China-wide Protestant meeting
What can schoolchildren learn at the zoo? A lot!
Across the river, world's largest oil refinery lies in smoldering ruins
No problem appears to be too severe for this school
Schools prepare for winter 'final exams' in fuel conservation
Who Takes Care of Me?
Dealing with the 'other mother' who does everything right
How costs of new power plants have reversed reductions in utility bills
Trudeau vs. provinces -- Canada's big feud
You all know a credit card when you see one; now there's a debit card
When antics grow frantic; Passione Comedy by Albert Innaurato. Directed by Frank Langella
Ever deeper
Touching, searching, finding
Bolivian ousted in coup leaves country for Europe
Yanks -- KC: some pizazz?
Abscam: cleaning the House
USSR, charging US role, rules out Afghan pullout

Three killed in Jerusalem; an alert on new sabotage
Scandal over former Chinese hero may touch Chairman Hua
It's a bittersweet time to be a banker
Young American tells what it's like to live in Moscow
Variable rate mortgage tried in N.Y.
'War not going to end soon,' Iranians told
Blown-out well in Mideast defies attempt at capping
Marcos opponents claim responsibility for blasts
Washington add its bit to climbing interest rates
The currents of life
Anti-busing fervor -- will it roll over veteran California liberal?
Namibia: dance of the slow snail

My Rafting Trip
High cost of child rearing -- $85,000 each, and going up
Lifeboat pickup winds up rescue frm burning liner
Inscape: a lifted veil
Cleveland bank's new name and improved surroundings
Ex-US defense chiefs zero in on Carter rapid deployment force
A bargain basement 'Gone With the Wind'
Reagan above the battle
Election year may put off new bank laws even further
'The Viking's as artists?
Teens juggle jobs and homework as more enter the work force
West Germans re-elect Schmidt in hopes for preserving prosperity

Iraq widens war with Iran as both fight to last bomb, bullet
One Day on the Beach
Beyond the Billy case
Begin airs secret Israeli aid to Kurds as reminder for Iraqis
Analysis: which Gulf nation will crack first?
My Duck
Carter tune -- 'intangibles' should soon help
Europe security parley mired in rights dispute
Ford on Reagan, Carter and politics
Underground Soviet editor gets top slander sentence
Belgians premier resigns as economic plans falter
US jobless figure dips, but labor is not impressed
to find effective answers
French Jews protest after synagogue blast
Looking for some nice amateur people
What is the answer