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Monitor Archive for October 29, 1980

A market analyst sizes up effects of Nov. 4 outcome
The painting of wonders
Venus provides a clue in the mystery of earth's weather
'Palmdale bulge': new study turns geological 'mountain' into molehill
Vote the freedom vote!
How British view US election: both Carter, Reagan are unpredictable
Saudis cut ties with Libya over radar plane criticism
An editor says Billy Carter got undisclosed $50,000
Jamaica's 'most important' election
Khomeini stands aside from debate on hostages
Why Iraq's game plan in war with Iran went awry
Don't let Helsinki sink
Reagan camp on Persian Gulf policy: Carter can't back up commitment
Charcoal autos: still not most efficient
Vietnam drives wider wedge between China and Southeast Asian states
The voice of spring
Big Jewish vote in New York could be key factor in defeating Carter
Guidance for women on how to succeed in business -- by really trying
Bonjour, la, Bonjour Play by Michel Tremblay. Directed by Steven Robman.
How to save the whole world -- not just its whales
South Korea tries again
Afghans face hard winter of survival as Russians dig in
Wood burner from Mexico saves on hot water in Maine
A gift with strings
Many incumbents ousted by voters in Tanzania
The Sixteenth Round Drama by Samm-Art Williams. Directed by Horacena J. Taylor.
Garwood desertion trial scheduled for Nov. 6
Who's building windmill generators?
Phone company rate change for '800' numbers called 'out of order'
Investments keyed to personal situation
Taking a tip from a bleak oil report
Jordan's King widens his support for Iraq
Saturn moons: now there are 15
Controlling one's estate
Lively, momorable look at LBJ through the eyes of those who knew him; Lyndon, An Oral Biography, by Merle Miller. New york: Putnam. $17.95.
The first glimpse inside the SALT talks; Doubletalk, by Gerard C. Smith. New York: Doubleday & Co. $17.95.
300 boat people rescued in Pacific by US Navy ship
Turn-of-the-century musical gems and some grimmer concerns; Tin Types Turn-of-the-century musical conceived by Mary Kyte, Mel Marvin, and Gary Pearl...
No reverse annuity mortgage for car
Partners weave their way to success
Discovering a world of galleries -- in one building
Polish premier sends stand-in to unionists
Automakers expect to turn corner
Houk goes to Boston to rebuild a flagging Red Sox club
Higher oil prices push up coal consumption
Wind power: Breaking through the cost barrier
Solar cover keeps swimming pool warm
New George Bush biography: a few answers, a lot of questions; George Bush: A Biography, by Nicholas King. New York: Dodd Mead. $17.95
Evangelicals may not fall into ranks behind 'New Right'
Anderson campaign loses NE grip
Turkey detains thousands in drive against extremism
City lights, Country stars