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Monitor Archive for October 23, 1980

The amiable avocado: a bland and buttery fruit
What the founding fathers said about the seperation of church and state
While big Japanese companies surge, smaller ones sink
A safe America
Book publishing -- and bookkeeping
Outlook: Reagan's lead steadies; Carter fights slippage; Democrats fret over less-than-solid South
Campaign for Congress: even doves of '60s feeling voters' hawkish mood
Hostage politicking
Delay on fighter plane raises French concern
Gulf war: a delicate balance both sides seek to shatter
Outlook: Reagan's lead steadies; Carter fights slippage; But GOP worries about Midwest
Impressive Mahler Eighth marks Boston Symphony's happy hundredth
Japanese vehicle exports push up monthly output
Waldorf corn bread with fresh herbs
Federal aid to Miami ghetto brings risks, opportunities
Japanese businessmen with yen for big Chinese trade disappointed
Office politics: company courses on the campaign
Why can't the Kremlin stand this play?
Watch out, Mickey!
The new Italian cooking from the Romagnoli's table
Lowly gopher weed contains oil harvest
Tradition reseen; Composer Steve Reich
White House conference builds a case against 'ageism'
Boston hotel takes New England food to Europe
Chinese students protest: 'you promised free election'
Greece's return to NATO doesn't end Turkish feud
Hello? New York-to-London: conversations on pulses of light
Cut red tape and you cut building costs, Kahn says
Superpowers and grain
Minding the phone' in China is no easy task
Guerrilla base in Lebanon is hit by Israeli planes
China digs deeper into US breadbasket
Retail customers are reaching for checkbooks instead of credit cards
A Fed chief urges keeping eye on long-term policy
Coalition in Stockholm survives hairline vote

Inflation in '79 ate up the raises
S. Korean turnout heavy for vote on constitution
Two Arab mayors appeal expulsion from West Bank
The family lives, US panel says
The '80 Series: top-flight play it wasn't; dramatic, it was
UNESCO to investigate ads and the news media
Mozambique tries a little capitalism on its economy
Hard times force selling of Britain's oldest daily, The Times of London
When Liberty's arms aren't wide open
Hostage release: hope soars but US officials skeptical
BBC's ladylike peek at 18th-century English family life
renewable resources and prayer
Close Connecticut race may hinge on Carter grabbing Anderson votes
A 'shadow warrior' from Japan heads for America
Mr. Reagan adjusts his foreign policy