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Monitor Archive for October 21, 1980

Polish court rejects Walesa's union
US offers $1,000 grants to resettle Cubans
Fiat reshapes its competitive outlook
Brighter economic picture forecast for troubled Britain
Phillies knock on door of first World Series championship
Workers' role in sharing management decisions faces a fresh test over status of a key enterprise
A strong America
'Living lightly' can mean greater independence, richer lives
The tumbleweed: a vagabond energy crop
An opera giant's farewell
Carter dangles US bait for release of hostages
Dali, visible again, plans an artwork 22 miles long
1981 Parley on children to study effect of divorce
Will you join the dance?
Greece shores up West's defenses
Does a military wife -- now divorced -- get a share of the pension?
Growth of budding nuclear power industry is still beset by earnest political opposition
TV ads try to offset religious right
'Margin of safety' vs. SALT II
Poet, pianists get headlines, but Walesa captures hearts
US Rep. Udall finds seniority no longer eases re-election
Solar pumps to help provide clean water for refugee horde in Somalia
Admire. . . and speak
Firebombs part of new arms ban
Guam -- rusting tanks, coral strands, and 80 deg water
A choice for those who can't decide: no one
The Comfortable Society; Prosperity, stability, maturity -- the 'miracle' goes on
New Italian government to tackle social, economic woes
Soviets brand smoking as enemy of the people
The many masks of modern art
Royals' designated hitter 'adjusts' his way past the defense
Muslim holiday fails to quell Gulf fighting
is it getting risky for State U to deny tenure?
TV debate prize: winner may capture slew of fence-sitters
The alchemy of oil from coal using vital start-up money from Bonn
A lesson from history
Nuclear waste and states' rights
California craft artists start a museum
China builds up forces on island off Vietnam
Marcos asks US crackdown on bombers 'trained in US'
Antinuclear groups vow to clse Dutch A-plant
New Zealand prime minister may be booted out by his own party
US is pinning high hopes in L.A. trial to crack mob
Business competition touted by Peking paper
Soviets pay stiff price on Afghanistan