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Monitor Archive for October 2, 1980

Saving energy in the Kitchen
A passion to be ordinary
Isaac Stern Concertmaster of the world
White House race -- a duel of 'styles'?

A gently endearing Off-Broadway comedy of mood; Summer Comedy by Hugh Leonard. Directed by Brian Murray.
Struggle over press freedom nears decision
Business, professional groups outpace labor as campaign fund source
The Aga Khan's search for tomorrow's Taj Mahals
Ease-up on railroads is backed in Senate
Cable TV; Where the news never ends
US Supreme Court unlikely to blaze new legal trails
Bill Walton -- caged power just waiting the day
Defense spending will be a 'winner' whether it's Carter or Reagan
Hunger pangs finally ease in Cambodia
India scrambles for more crude in wake of Iraq-Iran oil cutoff

Where to park in the year 2000
Apartheid makes Joseph Kobo a man without a country
Anderson is running strong in two key Northeastern states
National Football League comes up with surprises
The supper of the heart Emily Dickinson

Polish unions inch forward
Congress may yet probe 13-year-old sinking of US spy ship by Israel
Mark's good news
A Chicago chef shares secrets form his restaurant
Deepening rift mars Labour Party future
Longer Gulf war a threat for all sides
Here's a new spice: pink peppercorns
Digging up news from 3000 BC
Heroin's new Asian connection
Towards Darker Nights
New endurance record racked up by cosmonauts
Rapid-deployment chief: hard to make Mideast hop
TV's 'Playing for Time' plays big

6. Challenging Ford in '76

What only at its source may be refound
Hollywood's return to 'average Joes' and Americana
Japanese urged . . . 'don't work so hard!'

Pickle a favorite now in Thailand
The Chinese are coming!! The Chinese are coming!!
'Collecting should be fun', says Down East publisher
Reagan and social issues
Dealing with autumn
Newspapers ensnared in propaganda swirl over Cambodia
Tears for mankind
First oil, now minerals -- US frets at import growth
Bankrolling a better world
IMF, buffeted over its conditions on loans, bends a bit
Sadat to US: start acting like a superpower in this Gulf war
The High Falls
New house, new century for the St. Louis Symphony
Mideast fighting prompts 3 in OPEC to skip cuts
US plan for big steel accompanies sales pickup