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Monitor Archive for October 16, 1980

Now, in the afterglow
The Elder Statesman of rain; (for Neil Millar, poet and teacher)
Must your whites really be whiter?

The world's gentlest alarm clock: Robert J. Lurtsema
Wisconsin Senate race suddenly tight
Cotton crop helped boost California farm exports by 17%
Pullout of Amin forces from Uganda reported
Public views Abscam on TV: Trial by videotape -- a first
Poland's meat lines hint deeper problems
anerican JAZZ dance alive and well and living in Paris
China's greatest film star pleads, 'Let one hundred flowers bloom' again
Islamic activist faces charges in Turkey
New round of setbacks shakes already troubled Boston public school system
Fiat auto strike settled, with 'give' on all sides
Ford Motor to start telling buyers of flaws, remedies
War boosts Bani-Sadr but Iran's mullahs grow suspicious
Callaghan quits as Labour feuds
The gourmet's touch of garlic -- more than just a hint
Ukrainian 'rights' activist draws a stiff sentence
Helping voters decide
Nerve gas -- one contamination too many?
US and Soviets start talks on A-weapons in Europe
A President from the heart of Dixie confronts the challenge of governing a nation
US politics: the home stretch
Polls in Australia show big election upset ahead
Rose and Brett on deck, and World Series is wide open
It's 'Frank' vs. 'Steve' as Idaho's Church seeks re-election to Senate
Three Mile Island hearings take up restarting reactor
Reagan camp's task: regain the 'big mo'
US agreement with Taiwan irks Peking
Some day: computer voting at home?
A Carter 'courtesy call' in Kennedy's home state
No dead-end jobs
Glitch in US computer revolution: 'How do you talk to these things?'
Companies seek older women workers
South Africa's 'coloreds' get involved

One-time Carter adviser gets Nobel for economics
West German steelmen, at least, can live with US pricing twist
N. Irish Socialist leader is killed in Belfast attack
Women trying to lure candidates to debate economics
Jobless rates by area -- 3.3% up to 20.7%
Gulf fighting slows as peace efforts resume
Soviets close off garrison in Kabul during infighting
Positive signs of a creative boom from Eastern Europe
S. Africa bomb blasts reflect black discontent in Soweto
German demand for 'wire donkeys' rivals Mercedes
Books offer practical help for homemakers eyeing the job market
W. Germans to wait and see about new E. German border restrictions
E. Germany calls detente with W. Germany into question
What the peasants can teach the world
After seeing a Giacometti sculpture one evening in a gallery
'The Apocalypse Game' -- an ABC's Closeup' must-see
Desserts: the final touch that will be remembered
Peeling garlic
A changing Peace Corps for a changing world
Suarez regime talks to cool regional differences
24,000 pounds of MUSIC
There's no New Jersey U to root for, but Rutgers football is winning fans