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Monitor Archive for October 15, 1980

Museum toys put a twinkel in their eyes
Fusion: will haste make waste?
The peace prize -- plus
Leasing home protects future benefits
Whoever Dreams of Being A Poet
US two-seater cars may weigh as little as 1,200 pounds and get 80 miles per gallon
Finding surprise and magnificence in barren northern landscapes; The World of Farley Mowat: A Selection From His Works, edited by Peter Davison: Atl...
World Series first; 'rookie' managers in both dugouts
Israel and Egypt resume Palestine autonomy talks
Spain's auto industry looking up
Why they'll be 'buying American' in New Jersey
One debate ploy: schedule it, see if candidates come
Kennan's warning of a race toward war
The pen and the hand; Or the proper relationship between writer and artist
A ground struggle in Mideast
Statewide branch banking a hot voter issue in Colorado
Turkish commandos free hostages, nab skyjackers
Gulf war polarizes Arabs: Soviet allies line up with Iran
Did Soviets snare US arms secrets in Iran?
John Hurt -- the 'in' actor who plays outsider roles
Does US need 'production board' to solve energy crisis?
Rebuy housing for retirement
Pol Pot's delegation seated again by UN
Europe sees network masterminding rightist bombings
Reagan promises to name woman to Supreme Court
Option mutual funds
Sri Lanka declares political emergency
Abscam videotapes OK'd for television showing
Jews balk at church council's call for PLO inclusion in peace talks
Weather control: an optimistic forecast
27 camps are set up for quake survivors
Still time to debate
Jamaican official killed in clash between factions
Trudeau's plans to 'Canadianize' energy pose row
Backyard naturalist sees splendor in the grass; Idle Weeds: The Life of a Sandstone Ridge, by David Rains Wallace. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books...
Nobel prize goes to quiet Argentine rights activist
Iran expected to resume its UN activities soon
Recalled On A Sports Day At A Girls' School
Cuban overtures
Carter getting 'second wind' as race tightens in key states
Castro's on-again, off-again courting of US is on again
Defense -- the unresolved question
S. Korea crackdown -- Will it lead to more instabiility?
US millions for Maine Indians
Bizet's 'Anna Bolena': delightful opera that tests a singer's range
World Series first: 'rookie' managers in both dugouts
Picking a quarrel -- why East Germans growl at the West
Why an education?
When congressmen go home, 1980