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Monitor Archive for October 10, 1980

Poland and the Czars -- again
More commuters leave driving to mass transit
Prayer's retroactive power
Alaska oil's new bonanza: vast amber waves of grain
Cliffs In Autumn (Elsah, Illinois)

Polish parliament gives itself some real say
Antidraft group plans campus rallies next week

Former Turk party leaders may be headed for court
Real-estate houses with many mansions

Tax-cut talk grows milder as fresh warnings surface
Tap a neglected resource -- the world's peasants
Syria's pact with Moscow sends warning to fellow Arabs
Carter tries his new style: attacks without the barbs
Banks expect role that could liven up US overseas trade
LA's Tom Bradley: cool, inscrutable, a quiet politician
The good manager
Europe edgy at big-power arms talks
Treasure ship of czars glints large off Japan
Those cornflakes in your computer
War, election, Kremlin interact; West Europe continues its rightward swing but with reservations
Apostle plant lovely even not blooming
PAck OK'd for submitting to UN on 'horror' arms

Bob Hope in Russia: the jokes work -- sometimes
Surge in sugar prices laid to Soviet buying
Brown raps GL-readiness reports
New system overhaul on agenda for UNESCO
War, Election, Kremlin interact; Foreign policy could be passport to Oval Office
Path to Gulf peace?
Getting rust stains off a concrete floor
DH rule takes some fun out of baseball
Nobel letters price goes to Polish-language poet
Venting away mildew on floor joists
When children are addicts
Bottom line after Nov. 4: GOP may gain in, but not control, Congress
War, election, Kremlin interact; Kremlin gifts chaos for political nuggets
'Reluctant' liberals -- Carter needs them to rally to his cause to win
Keeping house plants happy
A conglomerate whiz, 84, sharing his know-how
Peking game of catch-up -- hot dogs like West's
Could Iran close Hormuz? Most think not
War, election, Kremlin interact; Gulf war may open era of third-world conflicts
War, election, Kremlin interact; As Afghan Army crumbles, Soviets dig in for long stay
A little care keeps dormant houseplants growing all year round
On both sides of the bench

The Kremlin's view of nuclear war