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Monitor Archive for January 4, 1980

Hawaii welcomes Pro Bowl
Dallas 'underground' eases street congestion above
Help-wanted ads in late-'79 dip
Land under snow
Duct to furnace solves air seepage
Voters in India turn out in large numbers to vote
Mexico raises price of oil to $32 a barrel
'Gold rush' of 1980 sparked by turmoil in Iran, Afghanistan
Ins and outs of the new cross-country ski boots
GOP grumblings
Illegal Mexican aliens: Who's counting?
Leftists in turkey kill manager of Israeli airline
Palestinian view of the US plight in Iran
Rhodesia guerrillas come straggling in
Aliens, ray guns, and a philosophical turn; Star Trek Starring William Shattner, Leonard Nemoy. Directed by Robert Wise.; The Black Hole Starring An...
Soviets put Afghan success before SALT II and detente
Several ways to insulate roof
Soviets' Afghan attack perplexes Pentagon
East bloc rings in 1980 somberly
Retread sales offset 'flat' tire industry
GOP debate in Iowa to be broadcast live
Turkey wary as Soviets push into Afghanistan
Has President's strength in polls reached its peak?
How US should respond to the Afghan intervention
A race to precious metals
Gingerbread cherished again
The flow of time
US mission returns after seeking out support sites
Campaign: the long and short of it
Cambodia doles out Soviet aid first
Delaying SALT
Iranians have odd view of US and vice versa
Dallas steps up construction
Address correction
Partisan rumblings grow over Carter foreign policy
'Weird and wonderful' glimpses of the ocean floor
US personnel aid Azores quake relief
MISCELLANEOUS; Sports-minded states
Union, in rare move, proposes to grant Chrysler new concessions
High US delegation to talk technology sales in China
Saving the rare Arab oryx
Baltimore's Peabody Institute; Money woe for famed conservatory
The fantastic turnaround of the Boston Celtics
How to lose your enemies
Delay on SALT -- a permanent one?
US pay increases may hit 9 or 10%
Panama guardsmen quell anti-Shah riots at school
US weighs computers
US resumes sales of arms to Taiwan
Among the garden literature
Alabama in tide of unanimity Which fans are tops?
Illinois legislators 'held' in Chicago schools bailout
Ventilate crawl space to control moisture
Verbose poem
Nurse a gift plant to hold its bloom a little longer