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Monitor Archive for January 31, 1980

Soup served in a tureen, a culinary achievement
A timeless art goes on
Oil profitts -- 'music' to certain ears By Mark Stevens
Dried fruits of summer make delicious winter desserts
Ad Reihardt's Art -- a prism for the past
Women home-pickers
Caught in a camel jam
Oil worker union drops a key contract demand
Foreign imports hold American style
Campaign'80 interview with Walter Mondale; Mondale: Russians can't doubt US intentions
A coming together
The temptation to do two or more things at once
The lion's half roar
Olympic boycott issue tests strenght of European community
Social welfare still getting biggest federal budget slice
Tuna casserole comes in handy
New Zealand going ahead with plans for Olympics
Story of Philippines funds for MacArthur is disputed
Fired british journalists launch own weekly newspaper
Portugal tugs at economy knots
S. African warships placed at scene of mystery blast
East-bloc traders tote an ideological burden
Nicklaus out to put dismal '79 behind him
US Steel reports loss that may set record
War clouds over Southeast Asia begin to lift -- slightly
Rhodesian wants troops unified
US economic bellwether steady for December
Tito reported doing well
George Bush buckboard rolls in Texas
Save energy like your Uncle Sam
opposition to Russian advisers mounts to Syria
Muslims vs. Moscow
American escape leaves Ghotbzadeh in hot water
Security around Kabul Tightened
Defending oil: no easy task, no rush to help
Canadian caper
What Kennedy hoped his Georgetown speech would do
While others share foreign aid, Japan expands it
Clearing the "in" box
'executed' Afghans said to be held in Russia
and company
Anxiety voiced over Fed's inflation fight
Anyone seen my V.I.P.?
Several arrests made in Petoria bank attack
PBS to publish its own magazine of broadcasting
Fertilizer from wood-waste ashes is spreading
A new lease for the anglo-American alliance By Rushworth M. Kidder, Staff correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor
Environmental Challenges for the '80; Whats' been accomplished and what's to come
Coal is back as leader in producing electricity
Afghan refugees in Pakistan; one man's aid program
Soviets warn East bloc to stay in line
Africans await US support in Rhodesia debate
Buying a used car parp-if you do it with care