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Monitor Archive for January 29, 1980

Aid sought gamblings' victims
Sadat slashing the size of Soviets' Cairo corps
Viet artillery shells land in Thai border area
Egypt delays ties with Israel as autonomy talks lag
Money-market high fliers are likely to ease up a bit
How one family makes the payments
Inflation forces industry to trim investment plans
Hard work earns success for O'Reilly
Funds' phones are jingling, and the SEC cocks an ear
Difficulties in the Near East
Together suddenly
Bani-Sadr election win to test Iran clergy's role
A gift for every day
Gilded Buddhist temples pierce Laotian communism
Muslim two-step: rap USSR and US
Next to state pay demands: steelworkers
US sees light at end of New York fiscal tunnel
Australia quits selling key mineral to Soviets
Much of Wales tied up as steel strike grows
Democracy masks Spain's divisions
Chinese theme of permanence: an update
Japan's top Army official resigns in spy scandal

Shy of snow
Sakharov assails Soviet policy
US economic efficiency in reverse last year
A long road ago
Kennedy: 'just begun to fight' maybe
US shopping for bases in Kenya, Somalia, Oman
Why Israel will not talk to the PLO
Carter calls for conversation but resists gas tax, rationing
Inflation will mean sharp rise in US social outlays
When the average worker cannot afford the average home
Annuity plan wed to mutual fund
Frank McGuire finishing up great coaching career
Carter wants a five-year rearmament plan
New windmills spin as fuel cost spiral
Brokers find more profit in selling stocks than funds
The day four nuclear plants weren't built
Fresh burst of Baltic nationalism hits Kremlin
Yugoslavs put economy on the front line
Equity funds: 1980 Cinderella?
Japanese opposition parties agree to cooperate -- most of the time
Guido Brunner: the EC's 'shadow foreign minister'
Chicago teachers stay home in pay protest
Carter looking for home run in Dixie primaries
Iran's first President
With a 127% increase, top gold funds shone last year
Icelandic crews refuse to service Soviet planes