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Monitor Archive for January 25, 1980

Phenol insulation
Helping garden to grow it alone
Yugoslavs eye Soviets through their gunsights
India's flotsam floats on a sea of curry and chapatis
A 'value-added tax' isn't so hot, one analyst says
Martina agrees: she's tops in women's tennis
US, Soviet moves watched warily by oil sheikhs, draft-age Americans
For certainty and a jump on spring, sprout seeds early
Scenic San Joaquin trys to take smog out of the picture
US gets tough against Soviet aggression
House votes for removal of games from Moscow
Panama to consider bid to extradite Shah
Church shifts to gas
US gets tough against Soviet aggression
Khomeini reassures Iranians he is well
Here's how to keep warm on the ski slopes
Reflections on a rain dance
With Catalog on my knee
One Night
Despite exile, Sakharov urges Olympic boycott
US, Soviet moves watched warily by oil sheikhs, draft-age Americans
Where do we go from here?
US budgets in the '80s: a rein on social ventures
State of the Union highlights
British balk at Rhodesian's plans
Pursuing an invention for solar energy
Celtics pick up the Pistol A mascot picks up a mouse
BASEBALL; Best in the big leagues during '70s
Japan: West's anchor in the Pacific
Plug up that leaky water bill
Carter's military warning
Who's minding the borders?
Carter 'town meeting' campaign?
Will Rhodesia play politics with scarce metals?
Earthquake shakes northern California
How UPI rates the basketball teams
What is God's plan for us?
GM takes lead in smaller-car race
Reprisals over invasion announced by Britain
Texas case considers 'illegals' right to free education

GOP's winner-take-all rule in California survives test
The Joe Hill legend -- and musical near-misses; Two off Broadway musicals
Radiant-heat cost depends on area
USSR hits US on 'vital interests'
'Charles Darwin': still another BBC winner
Archaeologists go digging for new jobs

Holdup on grain that's OK to go to USSR is attacked
Gasoline on way to $1.50
Northeast gardens can take acid rain in stride
The Joe Hill legend -- and musical near-misses; Salt Lake city Skyline Play by Thomas Babe. Directed by Robert Allan Ackerman.
Carter's military warning and domestic 'present danger'
US moves a step closer to arms sales to China
Some see Carter toughness as possible weakness
Winter Small Talk
When an empire would be useful