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Monitor Archive for January 24, 1980

El Salvador's latest junta totters
Afghan war: Do we share the blame?
Don't let sharpies 'devalue' your gold
Who Ask
US should rein in envoys from USSR, Jackson says
Is Los Angeles pulling the plug on MONO LAKE?
One way to curb inflation -- just live a more simple life
Australia throws its weight behind US slap to Moscow
Frenchman leaves USSR over exile of Sakharov
East bloc still eyes US trade
Steel shipments for US cars sag
Carter maps campaign around crises
Coaches deserve better
Ever see a Pygsyb?
Simple recipes for a simply small kitchen
India deplores invasion of Afghanistan, but
Israel awaits US help as talks sag
Pete Seeger His answers are in his songs
Egypt eyes Israeli economic impact
Bush: 'I just know how to go about it better'
Brown wrap and ribbon
Fuqua acquisition road now plied by a troika
A day of gyrations in gold
John Anderson, not a chance of course, but -- well, but?
A disappointing decade for blacks
Durable Javits almost sure to try for fifth Senate term
Take a tip from the lowans
Soviets using poison gas, Afghan refugees charge
US scientist says exile will hurt US-Soviet flow
Lack of Afghan warning ires US allies in NATO
USAF planes harassing Soviet ships, Tass claims
The way home
'Handicap' race -- a special cross-country thrill on skis
The camera and all that jazz
Willie's running again -- downhill, on a bobsled
US and Iran try to save face and hostages
An Artist comes back
What to do about Yugoslavia? US officially silent, but unofficially
Defense, prosecution paint varying Bert Lance portraits
50 Turks injured in riots; Istanbul banks firebombed
'Poor man's coal' -- lignite -- attracting new Gulf coast interest as fuel alternative
Parliamentary candidate assassinated in Zimbabwe
Rhino Party charges into Canadian politics
All that Jazz
Job sharing: a flexible solution
Canadian 'straws' confirm that Trudeau's in the lead
Terry tableware
Poppy seeds -- superb on almost any kind of food
Inherent goodness and flavor, wrapped in paper
Handsome, stimulating -- little-known
'Tapping' taxes from diplomats
Carter putting US power on line to protect Mideast oil resource
Neil Goldschmidt Secretary of trains, planes, and highways
The George Burns caper: not a beat missed; Going in Style Starring George Burns, Art Carney, Lee Strasberg. Written and directed by Martin Brest
Ray Bradbury's 'Martian Chronicles': relevance or bust
Laotians cloak their socialism with US T-shirts
Healing and Christian discipleship
Sakharov exiled because of Afghanistan protest?
Carter A-waste site plan: states can OK, can't veto
Silencing Sakharov
Enter a mutual fund that's out to ride inflation