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Monitor Archive for January 21, 1980

American Indian brings message: 'No Shah, no hostages'
Public-interest law firms struggle as apathy dries up fund sources
Why not boycott the Moscow Olympics?
Super hooky
And from the right; Arguing for realism
Lost in Translation (Teheran)m
Good harvest for selective viewers
For Harvard's Daniel Bell, respect from left and right
The soul of learning
Balance, not bias, the goal for undergrads
Douglas's frontier of freedom
Court to rule on hazards of nuclear sites
'Negatives' dominate as eyes turn to Iowa vote
Reading key to balanced viewpoints
UMass professor, Oswald Tippo; Academic feedom challenge
Afghans calm -- but 'smoldering' -- in Kandahar
Egyptians dispute Sadat bid to give Nile water to Israel
UCLA's Hans Rogger; Balance courses, not biases
Israelis hold American in limbo
Iran edging toward hostage compromise?
How do radicals, liberals and conservatives differ?
Inflation strategy keeps stocks moving ahead
Carter reaffirms intent for Iranian sanctions
Grenada UN vote shows island leans toward Soviets
Traffic perils unresolved at two California airports
UCLA's Andrzej Korbonski; Students must take the initiative
Spy scandal shakes Japan; US secrets lost?
Message from president Simmons
How international law bolsters the US hand
A new sea otter in Seattle
Conflict over tenure and balance at Northeastern
For Harvard student; Balance? 'No problem'
Asian refugees face a push-button world
Clarifying our biases
Olympic Games: Montreal can't pick up the torch
Time may run out for Kennedy
Arabs see Israel, not Soviets, as Enemy No. 1
Presenting alternatives is the goal at Stonehill
Sharing goes two ways
W. Europe keeps anxious eye on events in Yugoslavia
L.A. museum survives cuts of Prop. 13
Unions may ease soviet boycott a bit
Drug alert
Keeping ideology out of the classroom
Capturing the enveloping light
Boston Ballet invited to perform in China
The man who never saw Bert Parks
Why Indians and Pakistanis don't trust each other
From the right; Student conservatism belied
Loving the stone's warmth
South's poor get help in legal battles
Yugoslavs keep cool -- despite Soviet moves
Searching for the truth -- an antidote for bias
lance bank-fraud case getting under way
Suit charges L.A. wasting federal funds
Hampshire -- a radical alternative
Dolls: a trip back to childhood in Edinburgh
Judges quit in row in S. Africa
Do 1,465 faculty members guarantee diversity to 24,000 students?
Arabs dodge action against Soviets
To beautify the body
IRA's more fiery faction gains sway on policy
Associate Justice William O. Douglas
Hope rises for UN plan for Namibia
It's 'both' sides for UMass poli-sci department
And from the left; Faculty conservatism belied
Muzorewa says British must curb rural violence
Soviet transport planes replenish Afghan theater
Marxist economics at UMass -- no apologies
Price theory predominates at UCLA econ department
A word to the Weiss: Super Bowl '81
Refinery blast rocks Texas Panhandle area
College advisers: whom do they advise?