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Monitor Archive for January 15, 1980

Automakers tool up for tough markets
Now the Rams get to try to stop Bradshaw
Thinking in the Rain
Shoring up the Middle East
Britain designs nuclear-fuel factory to float its fleet
Stationary -- on the move
Mrs. Gandhi sworn in, joined by 'new look' team
Revitalizing a coconut industry
When a boy's home is a sidewalk
Labor worries about layoffs in '80, hits tightening of jobless-pay rules
Communications-the worlds new battlefield weapon
Pleasurable golfing in Mexican desert
Rhodesia city skeptical as border opens
Court exempts employers from taxes on free meals
Put the oomph back in your oil
Is Timor aid being stolen?
Threat of imports curbs prompted Honda's US plant
For football without 'assassination'
Scholastic testing service rapped in Nader report
Boycott or not, Olympic in Moscow, official says
How economics professor is running the body politic
Brown stirs Japanese over defense spending
Venice in winter; moody, magic, and medieval
A key 'rights' figure wins nonviolence prize
Dassault goes it alone with Mirage
Getting together on Pakistan
Steel production channeled to most efficient plants
Gold price surges to $660 an ounce
The public is offered to elegance of chateau living
Philadelphians work hard to turn their maligned city's image around
A modern French economy leads Europe into the 1980s
San Andreas Fault watchers find fresh quake warnings
It's 'salvage' time for Ted Kennedy in Iowa caucus
Hawaii by Cessna; Inter-island travel from a goat's-eye-view
One more message
French spur high-speed rail
The invitation to foreign capital is out; Funds shift but welcome stays
The big new energy report
Swiss skiing on a budget
Puerto Rico Governor intent on re-election -- and statehood
An industry built upon the fragrance of a breeze
Soviet division reported on Afghan-Iranian border
UN vote on Iran may backfire on US
Getting through
Not-so-endangered 'gators become pesky panhandlers
Why US isn't 'buying American' -- and the cost in jobs, industries
Despite a shaky start, Ulster talks still on
Assad steers Syria toward harder line
Did activism graduate with '60s?
Capping Mexican spill before it splashes Texas again
US steel production dips
Soviets' Afghan control appears all but complete
Now we both trust me!
US journalists ordered from Iran
UN Assembly gears up to call for Afghan pullout
Why US won't rush into a program to strengthen Pakistan?
Aircraft giant lofts to profit
Single parent?