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  • Strong housing report boosts stocks

    The Dow and the S&P 500 had their highset closing numbers since July, propelled by a surprisingly strong report on the housing market and the possibility of more money for the International Monetary Fund. The Dow rose 96 points to close at 12578, and the S&P gained 14 points to end the day at 1308.

  • Mitt Romney's 15 percent tax rate: How does it compare to Obama or Perry?

    Mitt Romney said Tuesday his tax rate is about 15 percent of his income. Barack and Michelle Obama paid 25 percent.

  • Horizons SOPA blackout: What happened to Wikipedia?

    Wikipedia is offline today. Here's why. 

  • Jerry Yang leaves Yahoo in surprise departure

    Jerry Yang is severing all formal ties with Yahoo by resigning all positions including his seat on the board of directors.

  • Wikipedia blackout: Why even supporters question anti-SOPA move

    The Wikipedia blackout is intended to spotlight the value of open access to information on the Internet, but also underlies how fractious the move is, drawing fire from both critics and supporters.

  • How five websites are protesting SOPA

    Five major websites will go dark on Wednesday protesting two Congressional bills, which critics argue could curtail Internet and free speech.    If passed, The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate counterpart, the Protect IP Act or PIPA, would allow the US government to seek a court order and even shut down websites that contain content or links to unauthorized copyrighted content.  Moreover, advertisers and Internet service providers would be banned from doing business with transgressors.Proponents of the legislation include companies that are trying to protect their copyrights, such as the Motion Picture Association of America, The NBA, Pfizer, Nike, L'Oreal, as well as the US Chamber of Commerce, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the US Conference of Mayors.However,  voices of opposition include Internet giants Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Mozilla, and Wikipedia – who say that the proposed laws constitute a First Amendment violation, promote censorship, and harm the democratic flow of information.  Check out how five major websites plan to protest SOPA and PIPA:

  • Wikipedia blackout: Site to protest SOPA

    Wikipedia blackout is scheduled to occur Wednesday and last for 24 hours. A Wikipedia blackout would add heft to protests against the Stop Online Piracy Act.

  • New Yahoo CEO arrives: why his company isn't dead yet

    As former eBay executive, Scott Thompson takes the helm at Yahoo the company confronts some big strategic hurdles, but it hasn't been wiped off the Internet map just yet.

  • Stocks quiet, but gain for second straight day

    The Dow inched up 21.04 points to close at 12418 on a quiet day for the markets

  • Stocks rise, but S&P flat for the year

    Stocks rise, but S&P flat for the year

    Stocks get a boost from an increase in pending home sales. With only two full trading sessions left in 2011, stocks are struggling to finish in positive territory.

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