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  • Gallery Top 10 countries that say Internet access is a basic right

    NIGERIA: Eighty-five percent of Nigerian Web users say Internet access is a fundamental right. They’re also the world’s most enthusiastic patrons of social networking sites – with 92 percent agreeing that they enjoy spending time on such sites as Facebook or MySpace – and are the most likely people to search the web for a romantic partner. Here, a Nigerian man repairs computer components out of scraps at a computer village in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Mexico drug war: Marine hero's family killed

    Mexico drug war: Marine hero's family killed

    Mexican officials announced Tuesday that the family of a fallen marine, who died in a two-hour shootout last week that took down top drug cartel boss Arturo Beltran Leyva, has been shot and killed by hitmen believed to be tied to Mr. Leyva's gang.

  • They cooked up recipes for charity

    They cooked up recipes for charity

    As women's groups published cookbooks to raise funds for causes and those in need, they also empowered themselves.

  • After floods, Mexico's Tabasco rebounds

    Government response has been praised, but the poorest are still looking for work or new homes.

  • Reporters on the Job

    Reporters on the Job

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