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  • Stocks slide on Wall Street for sixth straight day

    US stocks slid for a sixth day Thursday as concern spread that weaker global economic growth will hurt US corporate earnings. The Dow fell as much as 112 points in early trading. It recovered to turn briefly positive before closing with a loss of 31 points, or 0.3 percent, at 12,573.

  • Stocks close lower for fifth day straight

    It was the fifth straight day of losses for both the Dow and S&P. That's the worst stretch for both since a six-day losing streak in May. With the US economy sluggish, there was little for investors to hold on to as the Dow closed down 48 points at 12,604.

  • Stocks fall for a fourth day as tech profits slump

    Stocks dropped over one hundred points for the fourth straight day Tuesday, following a profit slump at technology companies and steep decline in oil prices. The bad news even outweighed hopeful developments in Europe.

  • Stocks slide ahead of corporate earnings season

    Stocks closed lower on The Street ahead of US corporate earnings reports and the continued instability of markets across the pond. The Dow Jones industrial average slid 36 points to close at 12,736, the index's third straight day of losses.

  • US stocks plunge after weak June jobs report

    Despite preparing for a poor showing, the Dow Jones average plunged 124 points to close at 12,772. The US government reported that only 80,000 jobs were created in June, the third straight month of sluggish growth and weak hiring.

  • Weak retail sales figures push stocks lower

    Stocks closed mostly lower Thursday after signs emerged that Americans are spending at a slower pace and that China's economy may be in worse shape than previously thought. The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 47 points at 12,896.

  • US stock market climbs as world banks slash interest rates

    U.S stock market futures opened higher Thursday on actions taken by central banks in Europe and China to cut key interest rates and pump stimulus money . The Dow rose 26 points to 12893 as the US stock market awaits today's reports on unemployment claims and retail sales.

  • Stocks rise as oil prices, factory orders also climb

    In an abbreviated holiday trading session energy stocks rose due to increased tension over Iran. The major stock indexes moved higher after the government reported that factory orders rose in May. The Dow Jones rose 72 points to close at 12,943.

  • Slowing manufacturing numbers lead to mixed day on The Street

    Stocks struggled during a quiet start to holiday-week trading following news that American manufacturing numbers seem to have slowed in June. The Dow average fell after the manufacturing report, finishing down 8 points at 12,871.

  • Stock market rises in early trading as US awaits jobs report

    The stock market is rising in early trading Monday on hopes for new measures to deal with the eurozone debt crisis. But investors on the stock market are awaiting a critical US jobs report, to be released Friday.

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