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  • China temperature spikes linked to burning of fossil fuels

    A new study from Chinese and Canadian researchers links the burning of fossil fuels to China's rise in its daily temperature spikes. China emits more greenhouse gas than the next two biggest carbon polluters – the US and India – combined.

  • Rutgers athletic director is out amid furor over brutish coach. What lessons?

    Friday's resignation of Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti is the fourth departure since a video surfaced of basketball coach Mike Rice meting out verbal and physical to student players. Some expect a broad ripple effect, as colleges beef up sports oversight.

  • Global temperature rise is fastest in at least 11,000 years, study says

    The study, which also found the magnitude of the global temperature rise to be unmatched in 4,000 years, suggests that the current warming trend cannot be explained by naturally occurring temperature fluctuations.

  • Just as Nixon went to China, should Obama go to Iran?

    World powers, and the US in particular, need a game-changer to move Iran to a cooperative stance concerning its nuclear program, a few analysts argue. Such an Obama overture to Iran is a provocative idea, they say, but the alternative may be military confrontation.

  • Opinion Why I'm giving up my guns

    While Piers Morgan and Alex Jones were having a gun control debate on CNN, I was having my own internal debate. I am an avid hunter, but the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. made me realize that as a gun-owner, I am unwittingly abetting the narrative of American violence.

  • New laws on New Year's Day, from gay marriage to ‘Caylee’s Law’

    While much attention has been paid to the ‘fiscal cliff’ and the federal legislation behind it, thousands of new state laws took effect more quietly at the start of 2013.

  • Ike's Bluff

    Writer Evan Thomas's perceptive analysis of the 34th president shows a shrewd operator who played his cards close to the vest.

  • Child sex abuse cases dramatically decline in US, says report

    Despite the headlines hyping scandals at Penn State and the Boy Scouts, child sex abuse cases in the US, by several data gauges, have dramatically declined since the 1990s, say University of New Hampshire researchers.

  • Polar ice melt accelerates (+video)

    The Earth's ice sheets are melting three times faster than they were two decades ago, 47 researchers say in a recently published study. The scientists fault human-created global warming for the dramatic increase in melting.

  • Opinion Mitt Romney's flip-flopping didn't hurt him (+video)

    The Obama campaign labeled Mitt Romney a flip-flopper. But Romney's position shifts did little to fundamentally harm his election prospects. Obama only narrowly defeated Romney, and election day results closely mirror projections from June – before Romney’s move to the middle.

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