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  • Why do so many oil spills happen?

    Why do so many oil spills happen?

    The science and history behind oil spills.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 01/27

    The ocean liner Queen Victoria makes its way beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Calif., on Jan. 27. The Queen Victoria, Cunard's newest luxury liner and the company's second largest, is making her Maiden Call to San Francisco during her current world voyage. The 99-day westbound circumnavigation will continue to Hawaii and then on to 41 other ports.

  • In Pictures Sea creatures

    A Shortfin Mako shark is found worldwide and is one of the fastest sharks, clocked at over 40 miles per hour.

  • In Pictures The answer is blowing in the wind

    Wind turbines are clustered offshore in Dronten, the Netherlands, in July 2006. On April 28, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approved the US's first offshore wind farm, approving Cape Wind, a project that would create hundreds of jobs and provide nearly 75 percent of the power needed by the Cape and the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

  • 'Pirate Radio' – movie review

    'Pirate Radio' – movie review

    The DJs in 'Pirate Radio' thwart a government ban on playing rock 'n' roll and create a bit of gleeful anarchy along the way.

  • Alaska oil's new 'Gulf of Mexico'

    Alaska oil's new 'Gulf of Mexico'

    Oil companies are eyeing Alaska's largely untapped outer continental shelf. Critics say that's another Exxon Valdez waiting to happen.

  • The next 'moon landing?' Norway plans deep-sea CO2 storage.

    The next 'moon landing?' Norway plans deep-sea CO2 storage.

    The oil-rich nation believes a half-mile thick rock formation could store the next 600 years, or so, of CO2 emissions from Europe. Some say the science is not so clear.

  • Should green-minded Norway invest in Canadian oil-sands?

    Last week, Greenpeace failed in its bid to force Norway's StatoilHydro to abandon a $2 billion investment in a project that it says produces 10 times the greenhouse gases as North Sea drilling.

  • A stroll before supper

    Like her father before her, she takes a walk at dusk to greet neighbors and let the day settle.

  • Brits try to retrieve assets frozen in Icelandic banks

    Brits try to retrieve assets frozen in Icelandic banks

    The country's banks expanded greatly during boom years and now can't roll over the debt.

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