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  • In Pictures Space photos of the day: Spacewalks

    On a spacewalk, astronaut Owen K. Garriott, science pilot, retrieves an imagery experiment from the Apollo Telescope Mount attached to the Skylab in Earth orbit in 1973.

  • In Pictures Space photos of the day 08/27

    Is the heart and soul of our Galaxy located in Cassiopeia? Possibly not, but that is where two bright emission nebulas nicknamed Heart and Soul can be found. The Heart Nebula, officially dubbed IC 1805, is visible in the above right. The above image was taken in infrared light by the recently launched WISE telescope.

  • Jenniemae & James

    Jenniemae & James

    Brooke Newman’s memoir honors the numbers-savvy maid who delighted Newman’s mathematically brilliant father even as she saved Newman’s childhood.

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