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  • Gallery Planets

    An artists rendering image shows an exoplanet 6 times the Earth circulate around its low-mass host star at a distance equal to 1/20th of the Earth-Sun distance. European astronomers announced they had found 32 new planets orbiting stars outside our solar system on Monday. They believe their find means that 40 percent or more of Sun-like stars have such planets. The host star in this image is a companion to two other low-mass stars, seen in the distance.

  • Scientists spot massive methane rainstorm over Titan

    Scientists spot massive methane rainstorm over Titan

    A rare storm system over Titan's tropics help explain the region's unique liquid-carved landscape.

  • The Pluto Files

    A lively account of the ‘exile’ of Pluto, everyone’s favorite ex-planet.

  • Discoveries Name that bat for the holidays

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